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  • Sep. 29, 2016: 4pm-5pm

    Detroit, Michigan

    "God is Dead. God Remains Dead." Did Nietzsche Have it Right?

    How dead is God, really? A discussion of the observations, insights and philosophy of Friedrich Nietzche

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  • Nov. 17, 2016: Thu: 7:00-10:00pm; Fri: 7:00-10:00pm; Sat: 8:30am-1:00pm

    San Antonio, Texas

    EPS Annual Apologetics Conference

    The Evangelical Philosophical Society is hosting its 14th annual apologetics conference titled "Reasonable Faith in an Uncertain World"

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  • Oct. 21, 2016: 6:00pm 10/21 - 5:00pm 10/22

    Mobile, Alabama

    Crescent and the Cross: Engaging Islam With the Gospel

    Join leaders from around the country as we seek to understand Islam and how Christians can better engage our friends with the Gospel of Christ.

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