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Oct 26

Putting off the flesh and Putting on Christ

Oct 18

Looking for Something?

Oct 18

The Most Common Objection to God’s Existence on a College Campus

Oct 6

How to Connect With Your Smartphone Obsessed Kid.

Oct 4

Protecting Your Child's Worldview By Protecting Them from the Harmful Effects of the Internet

Oct 3

"Apologetics and RC Kept Me from Leaving Christianity"

Sep 30

Professor Erica Carlson, Scientist with a Believer's Purpose

Sep 29

Paul Gould: Responding to the Disenchantment of the World

Sep 22

Professor Carol M. Swain, Conservative on the Front Lines of Secular Academia

Sep 21

Guest Blog Entry-Review of "Jesus Before the Gospels" by Tom Tozer Part 2


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