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Nov 19

Why not give it a try? part two

Nov 18

Why not give it try? part one

Nov 17

53800 and a poached egg...

Nov 16

Debate: If evil exists, is it unreasonable to believe that God doesn't?

Nov 13

Overcoming the Objection: We Don't Need Apologetics in the Church

Nov 12

Why Moms Need Apologetics

Nov 11

Ratio Christi Women Participate in the First Online Women's Apologetics Conference

Nov 11

What's up with all the polygamy in the Old Testament?

Nov 11

“Kindle” Your Love for Apologetics Books (and Other Great Stuff) While Helping Ratio Christi

Nov 11

Brandon Katz: ​The Jewish ​Believer Producing More Disciples for Christ


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