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Apr 29

Approaching the Existence of God

Apr 28

RC Chapter Member at UC Berkeley: What It's Like to be a Conservative on Campus

Apr 28

God and the University

Apr 12

Report from the Philippines: March, 2016 Conference on Apologetics

Apr 12

Author Lee Strobel Makes a Case for 'God's Not Dead 2'

Apr 11

Introducing Ratio Christi's Vision for Reaching the Media

Apr 8

Homicide Detective Takes the Witness Stand in ‘God’s Not Dead 2’: Christianity is Evidentially True

Apr 8

I met a statistic...

Apr 6

A Real Attorney Weighs In: How Realistic are the Cases in 'God's Not Dead 2'?

Mar 31

An Interview with Teen Dynamo Sadie Robertson of 'God's Not Dead 2'


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