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Aug 24

Something for Everyone! Announcing RC's Annual Symposium and Student Retreat

Aug 13

Ryan Scarbel: Young Student With Seasoned Apologist's Heart

Jul 26

For Casper Oliver, All Roads Led to Christ

Jul 25

Meet Czar Bernstein, Legatus Christi Recipient and Future Professor

Jul 8

Ryan Moore, "Resident Apologist on Campus,” makes inroads with Atheist Group

Jul 8

The Dynamic Duo: Curtis Hrischuk & Greg Reeves at NCSU

Jul 8

Ratio Christi goes International! Conference in the Philippines July 19, 21-24, 2014

Jul 8

U.S. Supreme Court Decides on the Side of Life in Hobby Lobby Case

Jun 18

Reflections on the Spring 2014 Semester at “Ole ​Miss”

Jun 18

Great Testimonies from RC's UNC Wilmington ​Chapter


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