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Ratio Christi at Bradley University is a new and growing part of campus that seeks to encourage the use of apologetics on campus. So who holds the truth? Blind faith is lame… so here at Ratio Christi we focus on discussing the tough questions you may be asking concerning Christianity and life in general. It’s time to take off the blindfold and explore the relevancy of Christian truth claims for the academy, discuss other belief systems, and seek truth in a non-threatening atmosphere. This organization strives to educate Christians and non-believers alike by hosting weekly meetings that stimulate discussion on the difficult questions about Christianity and life. Come to investigate and discuss the rationality of a Christian worldview. *No question or viewpoint is off limits for discussion. They will not be written off as unimportant and will be thoroughly investigated.*

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Feb 17

February 25: One United Day of Prayer for Colleges by Christians in America!

Nov 25

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Saturday 11:30AM Wright (2nd Floor Student Center) Wright 203

Meeting locations are subject to change.

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