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Ethics Week - Michael Miller: Truth, Justice, and the Restoration of Reason

Sep. 30, 2013

Atlanta, Georgia

Doing the Right Thing Week: A University Exploration of Ethics

Sept. 30 - Oct. 4

Day #1 (Sept. 30) - Michael Miller - Truth, Justice, and the Restoration of Reason - Georgia Tech

Michael Miller of the Acton Insitute will be speaking at Georgia Tech on the foundation of morality: truth. In a society that elevates relativism as one of its chief values, how can a responsible person face issues that are clearly morally evil?  What is necessary in order to promote true justice?  Can justice even be achieved without objective truth? Join us on campus for an in depth academic lecture and Q & A.

This event will also be available live as an online video stream to indivduals and groups around the world.

"Ethics Week 2013" is a nation wide university initiative to focus on a discussion of the foundation of morality, how do we determine what is right and wrong, and what it means to live ethically. These are questions that every college student, indeed every person on the planet, must grapple with as the answers affect government, society, our families, and ourselves. 

5 Universities, 5 Nights, 5 Big Questions

  • MONDAY Sept. 30 (6:30pm EDT) | Georgia Tech | Truth, Justice, and the Restoration of Reason | Michael Miller (Acton Institute)
  • TUESDAY Oct. 1 (8pm EDT | Rutgers University | Sexuality & Marriage:  What's Ethics Got to do With It?" | Kellie Fiedorek (Alliance Defending Freedom) & Ryan T. Anderson (Heritage Foundation)
  • WEDNESDAY Oct. 2 (8pm EDT) | Ohio University | The History of American Eugenics  -  Lessons for the Second Genetic Century  | Dr. Chris Hook (Mayo Clinic)
    • Plus panel discussion: Can we safely and successfully re-engineer humanity? (noon - 1:30 EDT) | Chris Hook, Scott Carson, Scott Robe
  • THURSDAY Oct. 3 (8pm EDT) | Texas A&M | Does Natural Law Require a Moral Law Giver? | Dr. Francis Beckwith (Baylor University) 
  • FRIDAY Oct. 4 (7pm EDT) | UC Irvine | Doing the Right Thing at the Beginning of Life | Dr. Scott Rae (Biola University)

This national series and dialogue is being sponsored by Ratio Christi, The Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview, and the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). 

In conjunction with Doing the Right Thing Week the ADF is sponsoring FREE2DISAGREE, a campaign for free speech on campus. As a student at a public college or university, do you have the opportunity to express your beliefs or viewpoint? What if the prevailing sentiment on campus is against you? Would you be free to disagree with your peers? Your professors? Doing the Right Thing Week will challenge what you think--in a good way. Free2Disagree will challenge you to speak up. Agree or disagree, robust discussion is worth the effort. And if you ever find yourself unfairly censored or punished for expressing your views on campus, check out www.SpeakUpMovement.org/University

Be free. Free to Disagree.

Simulcast: Each of the five evenings of Ethics Week events will be available live by online video stream. The simulcast can be watched by an individual, a small group, or a large gathering. You, your church, youth group, university group, or other gathering can watch for one day, multiple days, or all five days for the same price . . . free. Details here.

We hope you can join us.

6:30 PM EST
Georgia Institute of Technology
Student Center Theater
350 Ferst Drive Northwest
Atlanta, Georgia 30318
Admission Details:
Free Admission. Limited seeting. First come, first serve. Online live stream also available.

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Speaker Information

Michael Miller

Acton Institute

Research Fellow with Acton Institute concentrating on moral philosophy, economic development, social theory, and entrepreneurship.

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