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Imagine a spontaneous grassroots evangelistic movement advanced by apologetics, discipleship, conversational evangelism, and training faithful men and women who will also teach others. Ratio Christi seeks to strengthen the faith of Christian students, faculty and the surrounding community. We will train students, followers, non followers and faculty to trust the historical reliability of the Bible, and to know that the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ can not only change lives, but that it is one of the most well documented historical events in all of history. We host lectures and debates that will challenge the intellectual veracity of secularism and atheism and reach out to those that don’t know Christ. We will equip and encourage faculty to integrate a Christian worldview into their scholarly activities. We will encourage churches and students to enter the mission field of the local community and university by pursuing academic careers.. We will equip high school students in the knowledge and skills needed to understand and defend their faith against the challenges presented by competing worldviews.  That is what Ratio Christi is all about. It's not just an organization--it's a movement!

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May 18

Summer Vacation

May 11

I never understood what you do...until now!

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