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The NC State Ratio Christi Club is co-directed by Curtis Hrischuk and Greg Reeves.  Ratio Christi at North Carolina State University exists for three main reasons: (1) To strengthen the faith of Christian students and faculty by equipping them to give reasons and evidence for their beliefs, (2) To offer skeptics/agnostics/atheists answers to their objections to the truth claims of Christianity, (3) To host campus wide events featuring Christian thinkers/apologists/scientists/philosophers in lectures/debate/discussions. Our aim is to represent the intellectual viability of the Christian worldview. Please join us.

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Aug 10

RC Leaders & Student Interviewed on "Educate for Life" Radio & YouTube

Aug 1

The Kalam Cosmological Argument

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Mondays 7:00pm Withers Hall, room 160

Meeting locations are subject to change.

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