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Media Coverage

Ratio Christi’s Julie Loos announced as a member of Missouri Baptist Convention's Apologist Panel

The Pathway, the Missouri Baptist Convention’s Newspaper, has announced Julie D. Loos, RC’s Boosters and Prayer Director, as the first female member of their newly created Apologetics Network.

"Our vision is to equip every Missouri Baptist to defend the Christian faith with gentleness and respect according to 1 Peter 3:15-16," says Rob Phillips, MBC’s network coordinator and apologetics strategist. 1 Peter 3:15 is also Ratio Christi’s signature verse.

Loos, a resident of St. Louis, Missouri, is also a member of the International Society of Women in Apologetics. We are thankful to have her as one of our spokespersons.

Ratio Christi chapter receives coverage on local TV station

WECT-TV (channel 6) in Wilmington, North Carolina reported what they called a "controversial” display being featured on campus by the Ratio Christi chapter and College Republicans at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington (UNCW). The display boards presented by the two groups were featured April 8 and 9, 2015, and are from the Genocide Awareness Project, a project of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform. The news report acknowledges the display has been shown more than 200 times at nearly 75 universities across the nation, and is known for its graphic imagery lending credence to the humanity of unborn babies. Our chapter at UNCW consistently stands for the truth about abortion from a pro-life viewpoint.

Geneseo State University Newspaper Covers Ratio Christi Event on Campus

The Ratio Christi chapter at the Geneseo State University of New York hosted an event which received coverage in The Lamron, the school’s newspaper. In March 2015, the RC chapter brought in speaker Paul Nelson, one of the founders of the Intelligent Design theory. The newspaper credits Ratio Christi for providing a space in which faith can be better analyzed and understood. Several chapter members were positively quoted in the article and turnout for the event was good.

RC Chapter Director featured on Aramaic Broadcasting Network

Adam Tucker, RC Chapter Director at UNC Greensboro, was featured in a March 2015 Aramaic Broadcasting Network discussion: "Why is 'Co-Exist' Wrong, and Jesus the only Way?" Among an illustrious group of apologists, Tucker speaks at about 14:39 and answers another question shortly after the 21 minute mark. ABN (also called "The Trinity Channel" but not to be confused with TBN) is a live-streaming network witnessing to the Arab world community about Jesus Christ as Savior.

Campus Renewal Ministries repeats support for Ratio Christi has previously featured an article by RC's Julie Loos, Director of Boosters and Prayer, about how and why people can support Ratio Christi. More recently, they demonstrated their continued support for RC by publishing Loos' newer articles: On March 23, "Bringing Together" and on Feb. 17 "Ratio Christi and the Collegiate Day of Prayer" (the national day occurs on February 26) for all their subscribers. Campus Renewal is a ministry out of Austin, Texas, that has as its vision to cover college campuses with the Gospel and prayer. 

Tirzah Magazine features interview with RC Chapter Director at Rutgers

March 2015 - Tirzah Magazine has featured "The Value of Apologetics: An Interview with Julie Miller," who is Ratio Christi's Chapter Director at Rutgers University. Tirzah is an online magazine for young Christian women embarking on college and career. It features articles, information and encouragement to help young ladies maintain their biblical principles amidst today's cultural confusion. Miller discusses what led her to RC and how the knowledge of apologetics that is dispensed within our chapters can lead to a deeper faith and confident, informed evangelism. Thanks to Tirzah for upholding and spreading godly standards. To read more, go to

Ratio Christi Gets Thumbs Up in Reasonable Faith's Newsletter

Dr. William Lane Craig of the well-known apologetics organization Reasonable Faith gave kudos to the Ratio Christi chapter at Rutgers University after participating at a campus-wide event sponsored by RC. In his Reasonable Faith newsletter the month following the event (the newsletter also available by podcast), he noted the large capacity crowd, stated the question-peppered session was fun, and that RC had the ability to draw unbelievers as well as Christian students, yet the whole session remaining respectful, friendly and genuine. The topic was "The Existence of God and the Beginning of the Universe" where Craig was the keynote speaker. We thank leaders like Chapter Director Julie Miller and her students for pulling together events like this and making their mark on campus. 

"Thinking Christian" Blog Adds Exposure to Discriminatory incident at UNCW

Feb. 2015 - The "Thinking Christian" Blog featured the Ratio Christi incident at UNCW that exposed intolerance toward Christian views on campus. Following suit to an article in by one of the college's conservative-thinking professors (see the coverage item cited directly below this one), Thinking Christian's Tom Gilson does his own analysis of why such bad behavior ensued from the campus crowd that claims to be the more tolerant and "open-minded." Gilson is co-editor of the book True Reason: Confronting the Irrationality of the New Atheism and a member of Ratio Christi's national staff. 

UNCW Professor once again exposes intolerance toward Ratio Christi on Campus

Earlier this month (see media entry citing February 2, 2015), we reported that writer Mike Adams had applauded Ratio Christi at the University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW) for carrying the pro-life banner amidst opposition on campus. Adams is at it again. In a February 18 article, he exposes the new intolerance of those who say they champion "tolerance" for all.

When invited by RC at UNCW to attend a lecture on abortion, the pro-abort powers-that-be on campus got together and sent a response rejecting the invitation. The rejection even includes a "threat of further action" if the mere act of invitation should occur again. Adams points out that in calling Ratio Christi closed-minded and narrow, these other groups do not even realize that it is themselves they are describing for refusing to even listen to a speaker, while RC members often attend opposing events.

Adams not only writes for, but is himself a professor at UNCW who was previously retaliated against in 2006 by the school for expressing his Christian viewpoints. The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals found the university guilty of denying him a promotion on that basis. Adams now freely voices his opinion while retaining his position at the university.

Discovery Institute Features a Ratio Christi Chapter Director's Article

The Discovery Institute featured excerpts from a February 2015 article by RC's Chapter Director at the University of Washington, Timothy W. Foutz, in their Evolution News And Views periodical. Foutz's full article, originally posted at the RC website, was a response and rebuttal to a New York Times article by a professor at the same university entitled "God, Darwin and my Biology Class." In that article, evolutionary biologist and professor David P. Barash illustrates how he lobbies students in his class to believe Darwin's theory of evolution as fact and dispel theological arguments for a Divine Creator. 

Casey Luskin, the writer of the piece at DI's Evolution News and Views, congratulates Foutz for aptly pointing out Barash's failure to define "evolution" and explain exactly why it conflicts with religion, and sites several informative passages from Foutz's article. We are proud to have Chapter Directors like Tim Foutz, who holds a M.A. in apologetics and is so able to respond to articles like Barash's, and also thankful to Luskin for keeping an eye peeled toward news that can be related to the Discovery Institute's purpose.