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Media Coverage

Sean McDowell Interviews RCCP Director Michael C. Sherrard

Sean McDowell has come into his own as a Christian apologist, following in the footsteps of his father, Josh McDowell. Both have a heart for keeping Christian young people on the path of their faith amidst great secular opposition which influences our students and causes "youth flight" from churches. In this interview on his blog, Sean talks with Ratio Christi's Michael C. Sherrard about why he wrote the book Relational Apologetics: Defending the Christian Faith with Holiness, Respect and Truth (Kregel, 2015) and how this advice can help Christians share their faith through the historical, scientific and philosophical evidence for the Bible which apologetics teaches. Sherrard is RC's Director of RCCP - apologetics "college prep-style" for high school students. If Sherrard's book is ordered through Amazon's Smile program (with any user's regular Amazon sign-on), a small portion of the sale is donated back to Ratio Christi.  

Dr. Richard Land interviews Ratio Christi President Corey Miller

Dr. Richard Land is president of Southern Evangelical Seminary, where Ratio Christi was originally conceived in 2008. Land's regular, popular radio broadcast is normally only a two minute Christian feature, but he recently took the time to do a special edition interview with our President Corey Miller. This is a thirty-five minute discussion of what Ratio Christi does, today's current academic secular environment which affects Christian students, and our new outreach to professors - "RC Prof." The interview is now available as an mp3  or podcast.

RC's Corey Miller appears on "The One Minute Apologist"

Ratio Christ President Corey Miller was interviewed by Bobby Conway, widely known for his quick 1-or-so minute streaming interview program, "The One Minute Apologist." Conway and Miller got together during the National Conference on Christian Apologetics at Southern Evangelical Seminary in October, 2015. They did two short video episodes, "What is Ratio Christi?" and "Why is Apologetics Important to College Students?" The former can be seen at YouTube or both videos can be watched, labeled episode 801 and 803, at The One Minute Apologist website video page.

RC Student at Rutgers Gets a Voice in the College Newspaper

A student from the Ratio Christi chapter at Rutgers University had the chance to voice a rebuttal to an earlier column in the school's newspaper, the Daily Targum. Jordan Karausky, our student who majors in philosophy and history, wrote his October 2015 opinion piece entitled "Christianity helps to convey what science fails to explain" in response to the Targum's regularly featured reporter, Jonathan Finnerty, who had claimed in a September article that Christian faith and true "reason" could not be merged as companions. Finnerty, whose bi-monthly column is titled "Waxing Philosophical," had written his post after seeing Ratio Christi's table at an Involvement Fair on campus. He concluded that stories written by men reflect the yearning to believe that God exists. But thanks to RC student Karausky, things were put in proper perspective with his rebuttal post which concluded there is enough existing evidence to make believing in God a "reasonable" position. 

Ratio Christi's Tony Gurule Speaks in Video Series for Outreach to Arabic Peoples

Tony Gurule, RC's Assistant Director of Chapter Formation and Social Media & IT Specialist, is fast becoming one of RC's experts on Islamic issues. While working through his Certificate in Islamic Studies at Southern Evangelical Seminary, he appeared in a series of October 2015 videos which streamed on the internet on the ABN/Sat-Trinity Channel. It is a Christian outreach to Muslims and all Arabic people groups, and the series was broadcast on the station's only program to be in English. Of the four sessions, some of Gurule's most informative interactions come in these videos which can now be found on YouTube: "Beliefs of Islam" in which he speaks at the 11, 32 and 55 minute marks for several minutes each, and "Problems in Qu'ran" where he is also sourced for information throughout the program.   

RC President Corey Miller Featured in Biola University Newsletter

Our President Corey Miller, PhD, is featured in the Fall 2015 issue of Biola University's "With All Your Mind" Newsletter. "WAYM" is a publication of Biola's Talbot School of Theology from which Dr. Mller received his masters in philosophy. The publication announces Talbot's pride in the rise of one of their alumni to this RC position, stating "Dr. Miller has the skills and expertise to take Ratio Christi to new levels of effectiveness," and that as a pastor, professor, lecturer and evangelist he is extremely well-suited to this ministry. Thank you, Biola, Talbot and WAYM.

RC's Ohio State University Director Interviewed in Podcast for Dallas Theological Seminary

Our Chapter Director Eric Chabot from Ohio State University was interviewed in this September, 2015 podcast for Dallas Theological Seminary. Host Darrell Bock interviews key apologetics experts in the podcast series "The Table" for DTS' Hendricks Center for Christian Studies and Cultural Engagement. Bock and Chabot discussed intellectual challenges on college campuses in accepting God's existence and Christianity as truth. Chabot also specializes in Jewish objections to Jesus, and Bock is the author of many in-depth studies of the gospels and the history of Jesus. Take the opportunity to see the full YouTube video here.

Media Coverage of RC in the Philippines Goes Viral

Ratio Christi's Philippines Team completed the Second Annual RC Apologetics Academy and Conference in Manila in June, 2015. Thanks to a compelling photo posted online, an article was published at The photo and interview feature a medical student who is an RC member at the University of the Philippines in Manila. On Facebook, the photo garnered over 6,900 hits before the Conference was over. The internet media in the Philippines is viewed by over ten million people. Because the photo and article went viral, one of our U.S. leaders who is working for us in the Philippines, John Phillip Pesebre, was invited to host a radio broadcasting slot on Manila’s only Christian radio station.

Ratio Christi highlighted in American Family Association Journal

In a feature article entitled "Campus Culture Special Ops," The American Family Association Journal for July 2015 highlights Ratio Christi. Reporter Stacy Long interviews RC President Corey Miller and three students from our clubs at various universities. Miller explains our strategies to address the challenges of extreme political correctness in academic environments, and the students explain how RC has helped them, through apologetics, to develop stronger evangelism and conversation techniques and to strengthen their own walks with the Lord. 

Called2Action Radio's Steve Noble interviews RC Reps on Newly Syndicated Show

"Called2Action" radio host Steve Noble has interviewed representatives from Ratio Christi twice before. Now, recently syndicated on USA Radio Networks, Noble hosted Michael C. Sherrard of our College Prep division and Curtis Hrischuk, chapter director of RC at North Carolina State University, on June 30, 2015. The topic this time was "Teaching Church Kids How to Think" in order to keep them from falling prey to the liberal and atheistic culture on college campuses. This may stop the flow of youth exodus from the church and their Bible-based faith. We thank Noble for his support of Ratio Christi through giving us repeated airtime on the program. Due to his new syndication on more than 30 nationwide stations beside his earlier North Carolina area affiliates, Sherrard and Hrischuk were heard far and wide.