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Media Coverage

Tirzah Magazine features interview with RC Chapter Director at Rutgers

March 2015 - Tirzah Magazine has featured "The Value of Apologetics: An Interview with Julie Miller," who is Ratio Christi's Chapter Director at Rutgers University. Tirzah is an online magazine for young Christian women embarking on college and career. It features articles, information and encouragement to help young ladies maintain their biblical principles amidst today's cultural confusion. Miller discusses what led her to RC and how the knowledge of apologetics that is dispensed within our chapters can lead to a deeper faith and confident, informed evangelism. Thanks to Tirzah for upholding and spreading godly standards. To read more, go to

Ratio Christi Gets Thumbs Up in Reasonable Faith's Newsletter

Dr. William Lane Craig of the well-known apologetics organization Reasonable Faith gave kudos to the Ratio Christi chapter at Rutgers University after participating at a campus-wide event sponsored by RC. In his Reasonable Faith newsletter the month following the event (the newsletter also available by podcast), he noted the large capacity crowd, stated the question-peppered session was fun, and that RC had the ability to draw unbelievers as well as Christian students, yet the whole session remaining respectful, friendly and genuine. The topic was "The Existence of God and the Beginning of the Universe" where Craig was the keynote speaker. We thank leaders like Chapter Director Julie Miller and her students for pulling together events like this and making their mark on campus. 

Campus Renewal Ministries repeats support for Ratio Christi has previously featured an article by RC's Julie Loos, Director of Boosters and Prayer, about how and why people can support Ratio Christi. More recently, on Feb 17, 2015 they demonstrated their continued support by publishing Loos' newer article "Ratio Christi and the Collegiate Day of Prayer" (the national day occurs on February 26) for all their subscribers. Campus Renewal is a ministry out of Austin, Texas, that has as its vision to cover college campuses with the Gospel and prayer. 

"Thinking Christian" Blog Adds Exposure to Discriminatory incident at UNCW

Feb. 2015 - The "Thinking Christian" Blog featured the Ratio Christi incident at UNCW that exposed intolerance toward Christian views on campus. Following suit to an article in by one of the college's conservative-thinking professors (see the coverage item cited directly below this one), Thinking Christian's Tom Gilson does his own analysis of why such bad behavior ensued from the campus crowd that claims to be the more tolerant and "open-minded." Gilson is co-editor of the book True Reason: Confronting the Irrationality of the New Atheism and a member of Ratio Christi's national staff. 

UNCW Professor once again exposes intolerance toward Ratio Christi on Campus

Earlier this month (see media entry citing February 2, 2015), we reported that writer Mike Adams had applauded Ratio Christi at the University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW) for carrying the pro-life banner amidst opposition on campus. Adams is at it again. In a February 18 article, he exposes the new intolerance of those who say they champion "tolerance" for all.

When invited by RC at UNCW to attend a lecture on abortion, the pro-abort powers-that-be on campus got together and sent a response rejecting the invitation. The rejection even includes a "threat of further action" if the mere act of invitation should occur again. Adams points out that in calling Ratio Christi closed-minded and narrow, these other groups do not even realize that it is themselves they are describing for refusing to even listen to a speaker, while RC members often attend opposing events.

Adams not only writes for, but is himself a professor at UNCW who was previously retaliated against in 2006 by the school for expressing his Christian viewpoints. The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals found the university guilty of denying him a promotion on that basis. Adams now freely voices his opinion while retaining his position at the university.

Discovery Institute Features a Ratio Christi Chapter Director's Article

The Discovery Institute featured excerpts from a February 2015 article by RC's Chapter Director at the University of Washington, Timothy W. Foutz, in their Evolution News And Views periodical. Foutz's full article, originally posted at the RC website, was a response and rebuttal to a New York Times article by a professor at the same university entitled "God, Darwin and my Biology Class." In that article, evolutionary biologist and professor David P. Barash illustrates how he lobbies students in his class to believe Darwin's theory of evolution as fact and dispel theological arguments for a Divine Creator. 

Casey Luskin, the writer of the piece at DI's Evolution News and Views, congratulates Foutz for aptly pointing out Barash's failure to define "evolution" and explain exactly why it conflicts with religion, and sites several informative passages from Foutz's article. We are proud to have Chapter Directors like Tim Foutz, who holds a M.A. in apologetics and is so able to respond to articles like Barash's, and also thankful to Luskin for keeping an eye peeled toward news that can be related to the Discovery Institute's purpose.

Ratio Christi Praised in Magazine

Ratio Christi received glowing comments in a February 2, 2015 column by writer Mike Adams. Specifically, Adams said Ratio Christi dares to go where other college campus ministries don't tread. He was invited to speak at a pro-life event put on by our chapter at University of North Carolina at Wilmington (UNCW). Adams considers UNCW to be quite hostile to conservative causes, and appreciated the fact that RC at UNCW asked the campus Student Government Association to fund the event.

"Apparently, hell did freeze over," Adams said, "The SGA did fully fund the event including an honorarium for yours truly." He predicted this would make campus liberals angry, as it is very common for student governments to deny funding to conservative club events. In fact, chapters of Christian clubs in various parts of the country are being "de-recognized" on campus and turned down for official recognition, including funding and the right to appear in forums with other student clubs. Further going against abortion rights activists on campus who objected to the event, Adams donated his honorarium to a pastor who is starting a Crisis Pregnancy Center.

Thanks to our Chapter leaders at UNCW, Tom Jaski and Aaron Marshall, and their students for their courage in going against the tide. 

Campus Renewal Ministries features Ratio Christi article

In December 2014, Campus Renewal Ministries featured our Prayer & Boosters Director Julie Loos' article "Christianity on Campus–Time for Our Voice to Be Heard" on their website. Loos talks about campus ministries working together, how Ratio Christi can help students on campus, and preparing for America's national Collegiate Day of Prayer which happens in February of each year. Since 1997, Campus Renewal Ministries has been an organization with a mission: To stimulate dialogue around the topics of unity, prayer, and missional communities on college campuses. CRM helps students and ministers see their campus as a mission field and develop specific strategies to reach every student with the gospel. 

Media Takes Notice of Ratio Christi's "De-Recognition" at San Jose State

On December 4, 2014, we posted an article about how our chapter at San Jose State University has been "de-recognized" on campus because of our Christian principles. De-recognition means the Ratio Christi chapter would not be able to meet on campus, hold events or host tables on campus, get student funding or participate in student organization fairs, ceremonies, or training. Because Ratio Christi requires that chapter officers adhere to the Christian faith and biblical beliefs, the university considers us as "discriminatory." Some media outlets are sitting up and taking notice. Since then, our article has been cited and quoted with the addition of commentary by various outlet contributors at The Christian Post, The Global Dispatch, Free Republic, and various other online publications and blogs. We are grateful for all the coverage of this issue. As the article states, we are having legal counsel examine our options for action.

RC's President interviewed on Family Life Radio

RC's President Rick Schenker was interviewed on Family Life Radio's program "Inside Out" with "A Faith That Sticks" – posted Nov. 18, 2014. He explores with host Martha Manikas-Foster how Ratio Christi students develop Critical Thinking skills and apply it to strengthening the basis for their faith personally, and with people of other worldviews. Read a great synopsis and hear the podcast. With over 70 radio outlets across New York and Pennsylvania plus online streaming and publications, Family Life has a mission to strengthen families and individuals through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.