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Media Coverage

RC's Traveling Historic Scroll makes International News

In February of 2016, a generous benefactor bequeathed an Old Testament Scroll from circa 1750 to Ratio Christi. Our Vice President of Operations Michael Bossman travels to churches and universities with this portion of the Hebrew Torah as an example of historical evidence for Biblical accuracy. With an upcoming scroll appearance at the University of Mobile in Alabama in September 2016, the school's news digest published an article about the scroll. 

This news was then picked up and covered in an article at Breaking Israel News, an online news magazine all the way in Israel which writes from a perspective complimentary to both Christian and Jewish worldviews. The scroll is described, including photos, and Bossman is quoted in both pieces.

VP of Campus Ops Interviewed on "Living the Word" Internet Radio

RC's Vice President of Campus Operations Michael F. Bossman shared exciting details about the historic 1750 Old Testament Scroll which was donated to us, in a streaming interview out of WHKW in Cleveland. Bossman has been touring the country, displaying the precious scroll at churches and universities, and sharing details about how it was confiscated by the Nazis during World War II but was recently recovered. Hear the fascinating details in this August, 2016 audio podcast. Bossman comes on after the six-minute mark. He and host Jon Loufman also discussed how Ratio Christi operates on school campuses. 

RC Pres. Corey Miller interviewed on The Dove's Focus Today re: Coming out of Mormonism

See a very interesting August 2016 interview with RC President Corey Miller regarding his coming out of Mormonism, the upcoming book he is co-authoring on the subject, and the mission of Ratio Christi. The Interview was on Focus Today at radio and website ministry.

Three RC Reps on Internet Interview

Ratio Christi's VP of Operations Michael F Bossman, RC Chapter Director Conor Anderson from San Diego State University, and graduating student Evan Young from our North Carolina College Prep outreach were interviewed on Educate For Life's streaming internet program with EFL's host and creator Kevin Conover. This August 2016 video can be watched here at our website. This link will also give other ways to watch or listen on YouTube and iTunes. The lively conversation encompassed RC's vision and purpose, discrimination of Christian students in academia and how apologetics training can add strength to a student's perspective toward their own faith and how to witness to others. EFL offers home school, online, and seminar classes that defend and explain the Bible. 

Interview with RC President appears in Canadian Blog

RC President Corey Miller and apologist/pastor Stephen Bedard talked apologetics together in May 2016. Bedard, who is the pastor at Queen St. Baptist Church in St. Catherines, Ontario, runs Hope's Reason Apologetics Blog and Hope's Reason Journal. Their discussion resulted in Bedard's Hope's Reason blog post, "The Need for Apologetics on the Secular College Campus," where Miller highlights the reasons for the importance of an apologetics ministry on campuses where there is intense opposition to the Christian worldview. Ratio Christi's outreach in Canada is growing thanks to partnering with people like Bedard who want to see apologetics thrive as a movement across church as well as campus, both in Canada and the U.S. 

RC Student at UC Berkeley Challenges Campus Liberals in School Newspaper

Ratio Christi chapter member Hannah Rouley at the University of California - Berkeley wrote a challenge to campus liberals about today's academic intolerance toward the Christian worldview. "What It's Like to Identify as Conservative at UC Berkeley" was published by the school's newspaper, The Tab in April, 2016. The state of California and its two university systems, UC and Cal State U with their various campuses, can be considered the most liberal and secular-minded in the United States. Rouley calls attention to the lack of respect and shutting down of biblical and conservative viewpoints that ironically occurs in an environment that is supposed to be tolerant and diverse. Rouley has since published two other articles for the school paper handling delicate issues. 

RC International Director Op-Ed featured in 'One News Now' Online Magazine

Executive Director of Ratio Christi International, John Stewart who is also an allied attorney with Alliance Defending Freedom, discussed President Obama's Supreme Court nomination (following the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia) in a March 2016 op-ed for One News Now. Stewart's article, "Evangelicals MIA on Supreme Court," explored the concern that nominee Merrick Garland, if confirmed, would be the fourth Jewish justice on the bench with five Roman Catholics. Despite the large percentage of Protestants in the U.S. population, there would be no Protestant justice and thus a lack of presence of "evangelicals" on the highest court in the country. Stewart contends this demonstrates little concern on the part of the president for what "diversity" means outside of the current administration's liberal headset. 

RC President and College Prep Director Interviewed by National Personality Janet Mefferd

RC's President/CEO Corey Miller, PhD, and our Director of College Prep Michael C. Sherrard, were each interviewed by nationally syndicated talk show host Janet Mefferd in early 2016. Mefferd's daily conservative program is heard on over 100 radio stations and streams on the internet. She often centers on the Christian faith as it intersects with politics and culture. Sherrard was interviewed on 1/20/16 about his book Relational Apologetics - a great starter book on how to use apologetics in conversations. Miller spoke with Mefferd about discrimination against Christian values and speech on campus due to the largely secular influence, and our newest outreach to professors, "RC Prof" which came out of his own discrimination experience as a professor. Both archived podcasts can be heard at "Janet Mefferd Today" by scrolling to the perspective dates. Sherrard is featured on the entire 1/20 program. Miller comes onto the 2/1 discussion at approximately the 25 minute mark.     

RC Chapter Director and International Director interviewed on HSBN-TV

We received coverage on the Holy Spirit Broadcasting Network Streaming Television (HSBN-TV) two times in early 2016. Our UC Irvine's Chapter Director, Chris Sandoval and one of his RC students, Alex, were interviewed by host Sharon Elliott on the program "Life That Matters" in January (see the full broadcast On Demand) and our International Director Tyler Geffeney appeared with Pamela Christian on "Holy Spirit Live" in February (see it On Demand here including the Ratio Christi Introductory Video). We thank HSBN and their hosts for giving this air time to help us explain and illustrate our campus ministries.

RC's Director of College Prep interviewed on "License to Parent" Internet Radio Show

RC's Director of College Prep, Mike C. Sherrard, was interviewed by host Trace Embry on the streaming internet program "License to Parent" in February, 2016. Embry also runs Shepherds Hill Academy in Georgia for troubled students. His main concern is giving kids godly values to keep them on the right track. Sherrard and our RCCP were a perfect fit for the show. This interview can be heard in an archived Podcast or MP3.