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Media Coverage

RC Indiana Regional Director Explains "Symposia Christi" on Moody Radio

For the second year, Ratio Christi will be part of Purdue University's Annual Apologetics Symposium in Indiana, with a special featured Live Stream broadcast February 3-5, 2017. Out of this we have established our new division, "Symposia Christi."  RC's Indiana Regional Director Joe Whitchurch explained this year's theme, "The Supernatural: Fact or Fiction?" in an interview on local Moody Radio's ‘New Day’ show with host Kelli Thompson. Here is the mp3 of this nine-minute interview into which Whitchurch packs many details. To learn more about Symposia Christi and see the full schedule for this Purdue event, go to  

Ohio State U Chapter Director interviewed on "Last Call" Streaming Radio Program

In December 2016, there was a vicious and deadly stabbing at Ohio State University (OSU). The attacker was confirmed to be a follower of extreme Islam. RC's Chapter Director at Ohio State Eric Chabot was interviewed by BJ Edwards on "Last Call" Radio about Muslim indoctrination at OSU and other campuses, the drift away from Christian thinking, and the hope of Christ that Ratio Christi can instill in students with the learning of apologetics. To hear the podcast click on this link, scroll down to 12/10/16 and select the title "Ratio Christi Explains Muslim Indoctrination at OSU." Chabot comes on at about the 15-minute mark. OSU is one of the largest universities in the United States, and RC's chapter there is one of our oldest and most well-established. "Last Call" is the streaming internet radio program of the ministry Minutemen United

Director of RC College Prep interviewed on national BBN Radio

Michael C. Sherrard, Director of our College Prep apologetics training for high school students, was featured in November 2016 on the Bible Broadcasting Network's "Weekend Connection" with host Hank Farrior to discuss our high school outreach. BBN is heard on over fifty U.S. stations plus streaming on the internet every Saturday. We have the mp3 posted here at our website for listening. Farrior had previously interviewed our first president, Rick Schenker, in 2014 and we thank him for his interest in coming back to us for more information.

White Horse Inn Streaming Internet Radio interviews Two RC Reps and a Student

Ratio Christi's International Director Tyler Geffeny, our Chapter Director Conor Anderson from UC San Diego, and one of Anderson's chapter students were interviewed at White Horse Inn Radio by host Mike Horton. Horton established WHI more than twenty years ago in regular radio and it is now a very popular streaming Christian conservative program that airs each Sunday. This October 2016 discussion is a "must listen" for parents, grandparents, clergy, and church members about the dangerous intolerance on college campuses toward students with biblical worldview, and how difficult it is for our kids - and Christian professors, too - to maintain their faith amidst recurring secular contradictions and accusations. 

PJ Media, Popular Online News Digest, Highlights Ratio Christi

Reporter and Assistant Editor of PJ Media, Tyler O’Neil, interviewed RC President Corey Miller and Professor Carol Swain for this popular online news magazine. Swain, a conservative professor at Vanderbilt University, was coming up as our Annual Symposium Keynote Speaker ten days after the interview. Discussed were intolerance toward Christian free speech on campus, the seeping in of Marxist socialism which is stopping free critical thinking, and more concerns for today’s college students and professors. This excellent October 6, 2016 interview can be read here: “6 Ways Christians Can Fight the 'Cultural Marxism' on College Campuses.”

UPDATE: O'Neil became so interested in our ministry that he came to the Symposium and video-interviewed Dr. Swain, several students, and more RC leaders. See two of those videos here at our website: What It Takes to be a Christian Couple at a Secular Campus and Dr. Swain on several Issues affecting our students and our society.  

Called2Action Radio Highlights upcoming ratio christi Symposium

On Friday October 7, repeat host Steve Noble told his Called2Action listeners about our 2016 Ratio Christ Symposium which was coming to his area the following week (Oct. 15-17). He spoke with RC President Corey Miller and Keynote Speaker Professor Carol Swain This radio program reaches streaming internet audiences as well as six or more stations on the Truth Network which covers most areas in North Carolina, with our Symposium happening in the Charlotte area. Noble has a true heart for bringing the Christian perspective back into academia and helping ministries like RC have a listening audience. Here is the podcast of this program

Soaring Eagle Radio interviews RC's President

Ratio Christi President Corey Miller was interviewed on Soaring Eagle Radio with host, Pastor Mike Spaulding. They discussed discrimination against Christians at college, Miller's coming out of Mormonism and topics related to Ratio Christi's mission. The September, 2016 podcast can be heard here at Soaring Eagle. Pastor Spaulding ministers at Calvary Church in Lima, Ohio. 

RC Event at Marshall University makes local news

On September 1, 2016, the Lawrence Herald newspaper in Huntington, West Virginia informed its readers of an upcoming event at Marshall University, sponsored by the school's Ratio Christi chapter and First Baptist Church of Proctorville. The event, taking place on September 25, will feature Dr. Mike Licona, associate professor of theology at Houston Baptist University and president of Risen Jesus Inc. Licona will speak on the topic "Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead." The newspaper gave contact information about how people could attend the event.

RC Purdue Calumet Chapter Featured on Radio Station

Ratio Christi's Fall 2016 season kickoff at Purdue University Calumet received coverage by WLTH 1370 AM Radio, with DJ Eve Gomez. The station reaches the Northwest Indiana, Gary and southside Chicago areas. Gomez interviewed Chapter Director Gene Calderon and met some of our chapter members.

RC President interviewed Twice on National Moody Radio

Our president Corey Miller was interviewed on Moody Radio and all its affiliated stations on August 30, 2016, marking Ratio Christi's first national Moody Radio appearance. Miller spoke with "Equipped" host Chris Brooks about "Academia and Apologetics". He comes on at the 15 minute mark of the program, first being asked by Brooks to discuss his own coming out of Mormonism. Then the program turns toward discrimination against Christian students and professors and how Ratio Christi is training people to handle this. UPDATE: Brooks was taken with RC's mission and invited Miller to join him two weeks later in Indianapolis for an "Equipped" live studio audience broadcast on September 16. This time the theme was "Change Agents for Christ" and Miller comes on after the 7 minute mark, discussing how to instill a lasting faith in students despite today's anti-biblical culture.