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Media Coverage

David Limbaugh Endorses Ratio Christi on YouTube

After speaking at our Annual Symposium Dinner on October 11, 2014 and spending time with our attending members and other presenters, David Limbaugh endorsed Ratio Christi on YouTube. He tells how important and impactful our training can be in today's culture. See the full video here at our President's Blog. Limbaugh, an attorney, is the author of the new book, Jesus on Trial: A Lawyer Affirms the Truth of the Gospel. 

RC's President Rick Schenker on "Beyond Words" with Dr. William Campbell

Hear Ratio Christi's President Rick Schenker explain our Mission, what our students learn, and how they can relate it to today's cultural issues on "Beyond Words" radio program with Dr. William Campbell. The discussion took place live on October 6, 2014, in Hendersonville, N.C. and can now be heard online

Ratio Christi one of "Three Effective Apologetics Models for Motivation" on

Schenker was also featured talking about Ratio Christi on "3 Effective Apologetics Models for Your Motivation" at Radio, September 27, 2014. We are thankful to host Jeremy Livermore for including Ratio Christi in this group of three apologetics movements, where he also interviewed Rodney Lake of Thinking Matters in New Zealand and David Illman of Christian Heritage at Cambridge University in the UK. Scroll down past the descriptions to the download, where you can fast-forward to RC's Schenker beginning at about 43 minutes. However, the other two gentlemen also have very good insight into Western civilization's current cultural void of truth and the need for Christian apologetics.

RC Boosters' Director Julie D. Loos Talks with Stand To Reason's Greg Koukl

Julie D Loos, Director of Ratio Christi's Boosters division, was interviewed Sept. 30, 2014 by Greg Koukl of Stand to Reason on his radio broadcast. Koukl and his ministry have been longtime front-runners in the apologetics movement. He is the author of the popular Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions among other books. Julie and Greg chatted live at his California radio station. This interview is now available by podcast or MP3 at Scroll down on this page to listen. 

Article about Ratio Christi in Salvo Magazine

Salvo Magazine featured an article about Ratio Christi in their Fall 2014 issue. "Reason Renaissance: Ratio Christi" by writer Terrell Clemmons discusses the foundation of Ratio Christi, how we started, and the exponential factor involved in creating new evangelists through teaching apologetics on college campuses. Clemmons relates an incident where Rich Porter, Director of our chapter at Middlesex Community College, stood up after a Sunday matinee showing of the movie "God's Not Dead" and invited audience members to get familiar with Ratio Christi! Salvo is a Christian magazine which readers receive by subscription. Details in how to subscribe are at this page of the magazine's website.

RC President Rick Schenker Interviewed on BBN Radio Network

Go to this MP3 interview to hear RC's President, Rick Schenker, discuss Ratio Christi with Bible Broadcasting Network's host Hank Farrior on "Weekend Connection" from 9/13/14. This was broadcast across BBN's network of stations. Thanks to Hank and BBN Manager Jason Padgett for giving Rick a chance to explain what we do at Ratio Christi.

Ratio Christi Revisits Called2Action Radio Show

Earlier this year, RC President Rick Schenker was interviewed on Called2Action Radio by Ben LaCorte who was sitting in for regular host Steve Noble (see a previous entry below). C2A was so impressed with Ratio Christi's mission that Noble wanted a chance to re-interview Schenker himself. This time, they were joined by Josh McDowell, a forerunner of the apologetics movement and author of such best-selling books as More than a Carpenter and Evidence That Demands a Verdict. McDowell revealed how excited he was to be the Keynote Speaker at the culminating Dinner during RC's upcoming Annual Symposium and Student Retreat (Oct 10-12, 2014). He described his relationship with Ratio Christi:

"Well my relationship with them is that I’m one of their biggest fans. I thank God for Intervarsity, Navigators, Cru—whom I’m with. And boy, do I thank God for Ratio Christi because they have that enthusiasm, they have that intellectual know how and knowledge to pass on the why’s of our faith to students. I believe they are doing something that is not really being done in the universities right now by anyone else. And I want to be behind it."

It's not too late to hear this great interview! Listen to the podcast by clicking here  - September 23, 2014, "Teaching Christian Students to Think with Ratio Christi."

RC's President Interviewed on Called2Action Internet Radio Show

RC's President Rick Schenker was interviewed on the Called2Action streaming radio program on July 18, 2014. Here's the podcast, scroll down to July 18, "Reaching College Kids with Biblical Truth": Rick spoke with Ben LaCorte who was standing in for the regular host, Steve Noble, and explained Ratio Christi and the importance of such a mission as ours. Called2Action comes out of Raleigh, N.C. on 1030 AM and out of Charlotte on 105.7 FM, and has been on the air in various formats since 1997. 

Connecticut Chapter Director Appears on Radio & iTunes

RC's Chapter Director at Central Connecticut State University (CSSU), Daniel T. Wynne, was interviewed on Radio on June 27, 2014. The podcast is available on iTunes. Scroll to the episode "Persuasion, Reason and the Gospel," downloaded on 7/8/14. For listening on a computer, iTunes can be downloaded free. We're grateful for the existence of radio programs like this, which were created specifically to 'remove intellectual impediments to Christian faith and answer objections to the gospel message' (paraphrased from 

Ratio Christi International Director to Guest Host "Mickelson in the Morning" Streaming Radio

As a result of his April, 2014 appearance on "Mickelson in the Morning" with host Jan Mickelson on 1040 AM WHO Radio, our Internation Director John Stewart was asked to guest-host the show while Mickelson is away July 10 and 11, 2014. 1040 AM is out of Des Moines, Iowa. Stewart, who's also an allied attorney with Alliance Defense Fund, had presented "A Case for the Resurrection" from a lawyer's perspective during Easter week on Mickelson's show. His guest host spots will air live on the internet, 9:00-11:30 AM Central Time.