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  • Apr. 08, 2016: Fri. 6:30 - 9:40 pm; Sat. 8:30 am - 2:30 pm

    Cedar Rapids, Iowa

    Intelligent Faith Conference (2nd Annual)

    The Certainty of Christianity In An Uncertain World - J. Warner Wallace, Gary Habermas, John & Laurie Stewart, Alycia Wood

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  • Mar. 11, 2016: 7:00 pm Pacific Time.

    Cameron Park, California

    "Is Evolution Compelling?"

    Debate on Evolution between Dr. Michael Ruse and Dr. Cornelius G. Hunter

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  • Mar. 24, 2016: 4pm - 5pm

    Detroit, Michigan

    Christian Apologetics Discussion: Does the singularity describe a physical state of affairs?

    Why is there something instead of nothing? A philosophical, cosmological and theological discussion.

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