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In spring of 2009, a group of Ohio University students decided to form a community to respond to intellectual attacks on the Christian faith. The resulting group, which they called Christian Engineers and Scientists, discussed apologetics-related topics at weekly meetings with the goal of encouraging and equipping each other. The leaders of CES joined forces with Ratio Christi in fall of 2010, hoping to gain resources and assistance in carrying out their vision of teaching OU students how to defend their faith. Past studies have covered the material presented in The Case for Faith (Strobel), The Truth Project, On Guard (Craig), the Screwtape Letters (Lewis), Cold-Case Christianity (Wallace), and others. This semester, the group is studying True U, a DVD series taught by Dr. Stephen Meyer which covers a variety of apologetics topics. In addition to continuing the tradition of weekly meetings focused on apologetics training, Ratio Christi at Ohio University hosts several guest lecturers to start on-campus intellectual discourse on important issues. Past speakers have included Dr. Chris Hook of the Mayo Clinic, Scott Klusendorf of Life Training Institute, Dr. David Berlinski of the Discovery Institute, and Frank Turek of CrossExamined, among others.

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Sep 20

Regional Retreat for Indiana Ohio

Aug 10

RC Leaders & Student Interviewed on "Educate for Life" Radio & YouTube

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