Internships and Field Experience

Internships and Field Experience

If you are interested in an internship/field experience with Ratio Christi, please contact us first to see if we have an opportunity available before contacting your school.

Biola University

Students in the 36-unit Master of Arts degree in Christian Apologetics at Biola University have the opportunity complete an internship as an arranged 2-unit elective course. Various projects and leadership positions within Ratio Christi qualify. Other degree programs (undergrad or graduate) at Biola also have internship requirements and ministry with Ratio Christi may qualify. Current students interested in an arranged elective internship course should email or call (562) 906-4570 and mention Ratio Christi.

Southern Evangelical Seminary

As part of our degree programs at Southern Evangelical Seminary and Bible College we require students to take on a practical element to their studies which we refer to as ‘Field Experience’.  We recognize that some leadership positions within Ratio Christi would certainly qualify to satisfy this requirement. If interested please contact: Duke Hale, Dean of Men or Nora Hale, Dean of Women, or call 704-847-5600 or 1-800-77 TRUTH Ext 216

Other Schools

Many opportunities with Ratio Christi may qualify for credit or required hours for internships or field experience from your college, seminary, or high school. The specifics will be driven by the specific requirements of your educational program. Ratio Christi will work with you to tailor a work/ministry opportunity that fits your needs, interests, and learning experience.

We have a wide variety of temporary (and temporary to permenant) positions that may fit you: communication, writing/editing, journalism, business, accounting, theology, pastoral, apologetics, philosophy, research projects in an apologetics field, campus/student ministry, fundraising, computer/IT, programming, legal, project management, administration, international travel/missions, teaching, art, graphic design, and more. These may be onsite and in person opportunities or internships that can be fullfilled from a distance and online.

Not sure if there is an opportunity to fill an educational requirement? Why not contact us and explore the possibilities?