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Eric is the Chapter Director for The Ohio State University (OSU) which is one of the largest campuses in the country (60,000 students). He is a graduate of Southern Evangelical Seminary (M.A. in Religious Studies) and has been doing campus ministry on the Ohio State campus since 2004.  Eric has had almost 18 years experience with reaching out to the Jewish community with the Gospel and went to work as a full time missionary in 2005 for CJF Ministries. Eric is also a graduate of Frank Turek’s Instructor’s Academy and an instructor at The Messianic Studies Institute in Columbus, Ohio where he teaches on topics such as Messianic Apologetics, Messianic Prophecy, and the Resurrection of Jesus. Eric has also spoken on college campuses on the existence of God  and written several journal articles for The Messianic Literature Outreach. He has also been on several radio broadcasts such as Alex McFarland’s Truth Talk Live and Ryan Dobson’s Higher Ground. Eric lives in Columbus, Ohio with his wife Lucy and his two children, Elise and Jack.


Eric Chabot was raised in a mainline denomination in Columbus, Ohio, but he doesn’t really remember hearing too many teachings from Scripture—and definitely not any salvation messages. Although not Jewish himself, Eric grew up in a Jewish community, where most of his friends were Jewish. He attended countless Jewish holiday events, weddings, and numerous Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. His daily exposure to Jewish culture continued throughout his youth and into his college years.

At age 24, Eric had never before met Jewish people who believed in (Jesus). Invited by a friend to attend  a messianic congregation led by a Jewish pastor, Eric heard the powerful and convicting message of salvation, for the first time, taught from the Book of Matthew.

After becoming a believer a few weeks later, Eric felt a strong burden from God to share his faith in Jesus with his Jewish friends. Through discipleship and teaching at his congregation, Eric grew spiritually and looked for opportunities to serve the Lord. He began to understand how God had strategically placed him around so many Jewish people, and he could see that God had a calling on his life. Eric also understood that he was fulfilling what Paul wrote in Romans 11:11 about the role of the Gentiles: “. . . to provoke them to jealousy, salvation has come to the Gentiles."


M.A. Religious Studies Southern Evangelical Seminary 2010

B.S. Franklin University Business Administration and Leadership 2004

Work Experience

Full time Missionary and Evangelist, CJF Ministries, 2005 - current

Chapter Director, Ratio Christi at Ohio State University, 2009 - current

Direct Bank Specialist, Huntington National Bank, March 2004 – May 2005

Direct Bank Specialist, Huntington National Bank, March 2004 – May 2005 

  • Helped with Conflict Resolution
  • Awarded top sales award-2004
  • Customer Service Resolution
  • Assisted in choosing of products
  • Presentations and sales

Liason/Recruiter, Franklin University, August 2002 – January 2004

  • Interview students and advised students on degree programs
  • Create accounts for customers
  • Field student questions

Retail Customer Service Representative & Sales, Sprint PCS, Columbus, OH   2001 - 2002

  • Awarded Top Sales for Long Distance Sales: Ohio Region 2001 (182 Stores in Region)
  • Help with customers with accounts (i.e., billing, attaining new phones, technical issues)

Supervisor, Continental Real Estate Companies, September 1998 – June 2001 

  • Oversee all aspects of construction process
  • Handle customer issues and conflict resolution

Owner/Project Superintendent, Chabot Properties

  • Oversee all aspects of construction process (single-family custom homes)  
  • Handle customer issues and conflict resolution (i.e., handling specific customer issues such as scheduling issues, concerns about any aspects of construction process)
  • Coordinate advertising/sales (i.e., working with realtors on sale of product)
  • Hiring and firing of sub-contractors (i.e., responsible for attaining all sub-contractors for the project)
  • Built Relationships with Suppliers (i.e., worked with suppliers on products/materials for each home)

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Eric is a missionary with CJF Ministries. Please consider joining his support team.

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