Aaron Marshall

Ratio Christi

Wilmington, North Carolina

Abigail Hohenstreet

Ratio Christi

Princeton, New Jersey

Alan Shlemon

Stand to Reason

Oceanside, California

Allen Hainline

Rowlett, Texas

Amy Orr-Ewing


Oxford, International [UK]

Andy Bannister


Toronto, Ontario [Canada]

Andy McIntosh

Logos Research Associates

Leeds, West Yorkshire, U.K. , International [UK]

Bill Foster

Foster on Faith

Oak Ridge, North Carolina

Blake Anderson

Ratio Christi

Indian Trail, North Carolina

Brandon McGuire

West Palm Beach, Florida

Brett Kunkle

Stand to Reason

Newport Beach, California

Brian Miller

Nashville, Tennessee

Cameron McAllister


Atlanta, Georgia

Christopher Riggs

Ratio Christi

Winter Springs, Florida

Chuck Edwards

Ratio Christi

Statesville, North Carolina

Chuck White

Chelsea, Michigan

Clay Jones

Ratio Christi

Yorba Linda, California

Conor Anderson

Ratio Christi

Oceanside, California

Corey Miller

Ratio Christi

West Lafayette, Indiana

Cynthia Suffern

Ratio Christi

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Daniel Moore

Ratio Christi

Vicksburg, Michigan

Daniel Wynne

Ratio Christi

New Britain, Connecticut

  • Needs Work
  • Read with Discernment (May contain information contrary to historic Christianity)
  • Opposing Viewpoint

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