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  • Corey Miller

    Corey Miller, PhD, is the President/CEO of Ratio Christi (2015). While he grew up in Utah as a sixth generation Mormon, he came to Christ in 1988 and he has since been a youth and college pastor, a Bible college and university professor, campus minister, lecturer, and first and foremost an evangelist. From 2009-15 he served on staff with Cru's Faculty Commons ministry at Purdue. He is an Adjunct Professor of Philosophy and Comparative Religions at Indiana University-Kokomo. He is variously published and is co-editor of Is Faith in God Reasonable? Debates in Philosophy, Science, and Rhetoric (2014) and co-author of Ex-Mormon Scholars Tell Why: Testimonies and Reasons (forthcoming, 2017). He holds masters degrees in philosophy, biblical studies, and in philosophy of religion and ethics. His PhD is in philosophical theology from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.

    He is well versed in all academic and ministry strata of university life via both classroom and campus ministry. He understands worldview issues and also how to communicate winsomely with evangelistic fervor. Miller now lives with his wife Melinda and three children in Indiana. He is passionate to unify the body of Christ to defend and proclaim the truth of the Gospel in winsome and bold ways.

  • Christian Drake

    Christian J. Drake joined the Ratio Christi team in 2015 serving as the organizations Chief Financial Officer. In addition to his role with Ratio Christi, Christian also holds the title of Operations Controller for Canteen, a Division of Compass Group North America. With their North American headquarters based in Charlotte, Compass Group is the leading provider of food services and support services. In his role with Compass, Christian is responsible for financial and operational oversight of multiple business lines in the group’s Mid-South division with annual revenues in excess of $175 million dollars. Prior to his role with Compass Group, from 2014-2016, Christian served at Southern Evangelical Seminary in various capacities, including, Chief Operating Officer. More recently, in February 2017, Christian was appointed to the Board of Trustees at Southern Evangelical Seminary.

    A veteran in the non-profit and for profit arenas alike, Christian served as Chief Operating Officer of the National Children’s Oral Health Foundation from 2006-2014 where he was responsible for directing all aspects of daily operations, including: finance, marketing, human resources, IT, and development. Before getting involved in non-profit management, Christian spent 15 years in the publishing industry where he managed a multi-state weekly publication in the financial sector.

    Throughout his career Christian has developed extensive management experience and has a significant track record of demonstrated successes in the areas of financial management, non-profit regulations, internal controls, and strategic planning. Mr. Drake has a passion for process improvement and looks forward to continuing to hone these skills through his involvement with Ratio Christi and his other professional endeavors.

  • Blake Anderson

    Blake Anderson, after working for 15 years in the field of civil engineering and land development as a project manager, changed career paths to begin preparation for full-time Christian ministry by Studying at Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES) toward a degree in apologetics. He served for two years at SES in curriculum development and as Vice President of Institutional Development. He has experience in marketing, communications, and business development. In 2008 Blake assisted in the formulation and direction of the startup Ratio Christi ministry. Blake has a passion to show Christians the value of the discipleship of the mind, and to convince unbelievers that the Christian faith has reasonable and trustworthy answers to the deepest and most probing questions of life. He currently lives with Carol, his wife of 20 years, and his three children near Charlotte, North Carolina. Blake rejoined the Ratio Christi team in April 2011 and is the Chief Operating Officer overseeing the daily operations and policies of the national and international campus ministry.

  • Alicia Parente

    Alicia has been volunteering with Ratio Christi for several years and came onboard as a Supported Missionary on the National Staff in June 2017. She was born and raised in Rhode Island and moved to North Carolina six years ago, and wishes she'd moved there years ago. Alicia is blessed to be married to her best friend and husband, Joseph who will also be joining the staff of Ratio Christi in the near future. Their family has been blessed with seven children who are all grown and living in various states with their spouses and children, which at last count is six grandchildren and two on the way...and counting. Their youngest daughter, Kristen, resides in North Carolina where she attends Appalachian State University which has Ratio Christi's very first campus chapter. 

    Alicia spent many years working with and advocating for senior citizens and is excited to now be using those skills with college students. She has served on the Board and volunteered with Meals on Wheels and the Alzheimer's Association as well as serving on a state board which advocates for senior services. 

    In her spare time Alicia and Joseph travel to visit their children and grandchildren and will be getting used to officially being empty-nesters. You can find them worshiping at Central Church of God in Charlotte, NC. 

  • Anna Kitko

    Anna lives with her husband just outside of Great Smoky Mountain National Park. She first began in the Apologetics field witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, and Christian Scientists. She now has three university degrees in the field and is set to complete her Masters of Biblical Studies from Reformed Theological Seminary in 2017. 

    Anna adores the outdoors, formal debate, research and analysis of biblical mysteries and making people feel comfortable discussing uncomfortable topics because those can be the most important conversations one can and ought to have. 

  • Caleb Nelson

    Caleb Nelson joined Ratio Christi in 2012 as the Director of Resources. His role includes locating and managing the distribution of curriculum, academic resources, media, literature, research material, speakers, etc. for the benefit of both Ratio Christi staff and chapter students. As part of the process, he develops partnerships with organizations and individuals in order to obtain the best apologetics resources for the enhancement of the objectives of both Ratio Christi and its partners. Caleb holds a masters degree in Christian apologetics from Biola University as well as degrees in biology and aerial transportation. His career experience that ultimately lead him to Ratio Christi varied greatly, from park ranger to clinical laboratory technologist to aerial transportation specialist in the Air Force to veterinary assistant. However, his passion for the truth of the Christian worldview remains stable and paramount. Caleb currently resides in Rochester, MN with his wife Darlene, daughters Kjirsten and Katrina, son Kristoffer,  and dog Anja.

  • Carol Anderson

    As the New Constituent Communications Coordinator, I handle new inquiries to Ratio Christi, provide other administrative support for the Chapter Formation team, manage shipping and marketing products for the online store, and assist with event coordination.  I love communicating with the many people around the country and the world who contact Ratio Christi. Prior to joining the Ratio Christi team, my most rewarding job—raising my children, Micah, Lauren, and Carley—was my primary focus. With a deep interest in Christian education, I previously served on the board of directors for a K-12 Christian school and currently serve on the board of directors for the National Right to Read Foundation. I’ve completed the Certificate of Women’s Ministry at Southern Evangelical Seminary. My work for Ratio Christi is motivated by the fact that I believe that the claims of Christianity are true, I want all people to know the Truth, and I believe in the mission and vision of Ratio Christi. I love what the amazing Chapter Directors, student leaders, and the RC national team are doing each day to share the message of Christ. I can think of no better use of my time than to serve with Ratio Christi. I live with my husband of 23 years, Blake, in the Charlotte, NC area.

  • Greg West

    Greg West, born and raised in Springfield, Missouri, where he currently resides, is the founder and editor of the popular Christian Apologetics and Worldview website, The Poached Egg, which he started in June of 2010. The Poached Egg soon caught the attention of then RC President, Rick Schenker, and RC Operations Director, Blake Anderson, and the three began to develop a friendship and a working relationship working towards common goals.

    The three eventually came to the conclusion that a partnership between RC and The Poached Egg (TPE) would be a great fit. That partnership became official in 2013 and TPE became an extension of the ministry of RC. In 2014, Greg was brought on as a full-time member of the RC National Staff Team.
    TPE functions as an outreach and evangelism tool with thousands of articles that answers skeptics and critics of Christianity, while providing a tool for Christians around the world to dig deeper into the truth claims of Christianity, learn more about their own faith, and become a more confident evangelists by learning apologetics and its many applications.

    As a layman who has studied apologetics for more than 15 years, Greg continues to teach apologetics locally and to espouse the need for it in the life of every Christian family, individual, and local church. Greg attends Christ Community Church in Springfield, MO. Greg explains that, “I’m very blessed to be involved in a local church that recognizes the need for apologetics teaching and training and also helps supports me as one of my monthly financial partners.”

  • Joe Whitchurch

    Joe Whitchurch is the National Campus Communications Director for Ratio Christi as well as the Indiana Regional Director. He has been working in college ministry in the U.S. and overseas for the past 36 years. He loves to share the gospel, to teach students to study the Word of God, and to challenge them to consider their worldview. He enjoys interacting with students about difficult questions. He has developed friendships with International students from a variety of religions. They have entered into lively discussions about the Christian faith.

    Joe is a teacher, he understands worldview issues and uses a wide variety of methods to engage people with the truthfulness of the gospel and their need to commit their lives to Christ. Joe and his wife Kim live in Indiana.

  • John Stewart

    John Stewart is the Executive Director of Ratio Christi International and is a lawyer, Christian apologist, author and award-winning radio personality, holding earned degrees in Biblical Studies, Theological Studies, and Law. John formerly co-hosted the nationally-syndicated radio program “The Bible Answerman” with the late Walter Martin and hosted his own nationally-syndicated radio show, “John Stewart Live.” John served as Professor of Law and Apologetics at the Simon Greenleaf School of Law (now Trinity Law School) in Anaheim, California, where he was also Assistant Dean of the Law Program. He later served as Assistant Director of the Christian Research Institute in El Toro, California. He is the author of three books, and has received many awards and recognitions, including an Angel Award for excellence in broadcasting, and was named “Pro-Life Broadcaster of the Year.” John testified by invitation as a Protestant Theologian before President George H. W. Bush’s Presidential Commission on the Assignment of Women in the Military. He has appeared as a guest on local and national television and radio, including CNN, national news on CBS, NBC and ABC, MacNeil-Lehrer, Good Morning America, and the E! Channel. John has spoken at many colleges, universities and law schools, and has also debated several times on college campuses, and has spoken at numerous churches throughout America, Africa and Asia. John is a visiting lecturer at Manna Bible Institute in Nairobi, Kenya, and Hindustan Bible Institute in Chennai, India. John, along with his wife, Laurie, are allied attorneys with the Alliance Defending Freedom. John maintains a law practice in California with Laurie, who is also practicing law in Iowa. In October 2012 they relocated to Iowa where Laurie grew up. Their adult daughters still live in Southern California.

  • Julie Loos

    Julie Loos is the Director of Prayer and Community Outreach for Ratio Christi.

    She has 12 years of leadership in the Moms in Prayer International ministry serving as the Missouri State Coordinator for four years until stepping into her current volunteer role as their College Groups Facilitator.  She has also served as a small group leader in Bible Study Fellowship, is a graduate of Proverbs 31 Ministries’ SheSpeaks writer’s conference, and Dr. Frank Turek’s Cross Examined Instructors Academy. She participates in her local Reasonable Faith chapter, has joined the International Society for Women in Apologetics and is pursuing her Certificate in Apologetics from Biola University. After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a B.A. in Journalism and Psychology, she enjoyed a career in advertising as an award-winning copywriter.

    Julie Loos lives with her husband and two sons in St. Louis, MO. She is sending her oldest son to college this year. Her other son is in high school. She enjoys studying God’s word, exercising, reading, gardening and cooking. You’ll usually find her not far from a cup of coffee and piece of dark chocolate..

  • Kathleen Lovelady

    Kathleen Lovelady serves with Ratio Christi as the Assistant to the President and also as Volunteer Coordinator. She is responsible for scheduling, planning, and coordinating training for Ratio Christi volunteers.

    Raised in Southern California, she began working for a Department of Defense contractor which took her from California to Missouri and then to Illinois.

    She is a cum laude graduate from National University in California with a B.S. in Business Administration. She earned a Masters in Project Management from Keller Graduate School of Management in Illinois. Kathleen is a licensed minister who attended Charis Bible College, Chicago’s Bible Training Program and School of Practical Ministry. After graduation, she served as an apprentice at Charis for one year learning the practical side of running a Bible College.

    After twenty-nine years of working for the same company, she retired and moved from the Chicago area to Alabama, near Birmingham where she lives with her husband, Eddie. Kathleen has a passion to serve the Lord and while looking for a ministry in which to serve, she was introduced to Ratio Christi. “I love Ratio Christi’s evangelistic movement and vision to equip Christian students with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and defend their faith against today’s anti-Christian sentiment.”

    She also enjoys encouraging new Christians and is a Discipleship Coach for the Billy Graham Evangelical Association.

  • Kaylene Feiger

    Kaylene is a gifted campus minister and public speaker. With a proven track record over 18 years as a full time missionary at a variety of campuses in the US and abroad, Kaylene is someone you won’t want to miss. Her captivating stories are filled with both humor and sound wisdom.  Kaylene lives in Traverse City, Michigan with her husband, Tony, and four children.

  • Kevin Duffy

    Rev. Kevin Duffy is the RCCP Director of Chapter Formation & Support. He serves as the Minister of Evangelism and Discipleship at Village Baptist Church. He is the founder and director of Living Out Acts: Student Apologetics & Evangelism. LOA is a Chapter of Ratio Christi College Prep. Village Baptist Church is the first Regional Launch Sites in the nation for RCCP. He is the Chapter Director for Ratio Christi at Methodist University as well as Fayetteville Technical Community College.

    He is the Director of VBC'S periodic ENGAGEtheMIND Apologetics Conference and has facilitated/organized Apologetics / Evangelism conferences and training seminars in New York City, NY, Southport/Wilmington, NC, as well as in Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Honduras. In addition, he has spoken and worked on evangelistic missions in Hungary and Romania.

    Kevin has been married for 23 years. He and his wife have one daughter and reside in Raeford, NC.

  • Kevin James Bywater

    The Director & Resident Scholar of the Oxford Study Centre, a Ratio Christi training program

    I earned a B.S. degree in Philosophy from Utah State University. (Well, some things just are what they are. Why a B.S. and not a B.A.? I lacked the relevant language courses required for a less humorous degree. Then again, what would be more appropriate for a philosophy degree than a B.S.?) I also hold a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry from New Geneva Theological Seminary and have done significant graduate work at Denver Seminary, studying with such scholars as Craig Blomberg, Richard Hess, Daniel Carrol, and Douglas Groothuis. I also have done postgraduate work in New Testament and Related Studies at Durham University, with a focus on Paul’s use of the Old Testament in the opening chapters of Romans and Paul's broader theology.

    Along with authoring a variety of materials on pseudo-Christian religions (e.g., Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses), Objectivism (the so-called philosophy of Ayn Rand), the environmental convictions of alternative worldviews, religious pluralism, Islam, and abortion, I researched and co-authored (with David A. Noebel and J.F. Baldwin) the book Clergy in the Classroom: The Religion of Secular Humanism (Summit Press). (It was quite a task wading for six months through the writings of the signatories of the first two Humanist Manifestoes. I’m sure glad that is over. The subsequent recovery therapy was fun, though.)

    While Director of Summit’s Curriculum Department, I wrote and/or content-edited (in cooperation with highly dedicated and gifted team members) Summit’s video curriculum materials for junior high (Lightbearers' Christian Worldview Curriculum) and high school (Understanding the Times Curriculum). While Director of Research I was involved with researching and lecturing and writing, as well as script-writing and interviews for Summit’s ever-increasing video library.

    I have lectured on such topics as critical thinking, worldview analysis, pseudo-Christian religions, the New Age movement, Islam, moral relativism, the historicity of Jesus, and various social and intellectual aspects of culture. At the Oxford Study Centre we address these and other subjects such as the relationship of Old Testament law and New Testament ethics, justice and social justice, sexuality and sexual identity, European imperialism and the founding of America, the Bible and science, the canon of the New Testament, the New Testament use of the Old Testament, and much more. 

    My hobbies include playing drums at our church, walking through the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside, amateur photography, dabbling in script writing, reading handfuls of books at a time, and standing in gratitude for and awe of our children as they grow up, embrace Christ, and engage our world. 

    My family and I reside in a lovely village to the west of Oxford, England, and sometimes also in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

  • Larry Baxter

    Larry Baxter is the Director of RC Prof, a supported missionary on Ratio Christi's National Team. RC Prof is a vital ministry with the goal of building a movement of missional professors who are encouraged and equipped to live up to their unique calling in the academic world. Larry partners with RC Chapter Directors to locate, train, and mobilize faculty on their campuses in a number of ways: practicing integration in their disicplines, as mentors and speakers for undergraduate ministries, serving in overseas partnership opportunities with RC International, and helping develop engaging resources for current and future professors. Larry also leads the faculty track of the annual RC National Symposium, and seeks to support missional professors in their own conferences and ministries. As a PhD Biomedical Engineer, Larry spent several years doing cancer research and mathematical modeling at the Massachusetts General Hospital and an Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology at the Harvard Medical School. More recently he has served as the Vice President of R&D at Advanced Process Cominatorics, developing mathematical software for the optimization and scheduling of industrial processes.

    Larry has a Master of Ministry Leadership and M.Div. from Rockbridge Seminary, and encourages and equips Christians locally as the Administrative Pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in West Lafayette, Indiana. He is life-long worker, and is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Ministry in Transformational Leadership at Rockbridge Seminary. Larry resides in Boilermaker country in Indiana, with his wife and four children. When he gets the chance he also enjoys volleyball, music, juggling, and strategic gaming.

  • Matt Davis

    Matt Davis is a Web Developer living in Gastonia, NC.  He graduated from Southern Evangelical Seminary in 2010 with a bachelor's degree in Religious Studies. He has been working with Ratio Christi as the chief web developer for about the past 9 years through multiple iterations of the website.  Matt's current full-time position is a Technology Supervisor at

  • Matt Schmidt

    Matthew Schmidt is Ratio Christi's Director of Chapter Formation. Matt holds a B.A. in Family Science and Education from the University of Nebraska, and is currently pursuing an M.A. in Philosophy and Apologetics from Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES). He has traveled both nationally and internationally teaching on apologetics with SES's TEAM apologetics ministry. Matt also serves as the Chapter Director of the Ratio Christi chapter at Queens University in Charlotte and has been an entrepreneur and small business owner. Matt currently resides in North Carolina, with his wife Erica and their three young children: Anna, Aletheia, and Isaiah.

  • Melissa Slusher

    Melissa Slusher is the Accounting Administrator for Ratio Christi.  She has served in this role since April 2015 and in fulltime ministry for the last 16+ years, previously at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

    She has been married to her husband and best friend, Randall, for 30 years.  They reside in Gastonia, NC.  She is the very proud mother of Ashley Slusher Devers, Jordan Slusher (the 1st Ratio Christi Legatus Christi Certificate recipient), and her son-in-law, Steven Devers as well as the very blessed Maw-Maw of Danielle Devers and Logan Devers.

    Melissa clings to God’s promise in Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God.”  This verse has provided great comfort and peace to her because it confirms that God is in control and absolutely NOTHING can happen to us outside of His will!  He works ALL things (good, bad, TRAGIC) together for our good!

  • Michael Bossman

    As Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, I am accountable to insure every campus around the world successfully accomplishes everything that the Lord expects from them. I am responsible to develop an infrastructure that will serve Ratio Christi as a world class operation, rivaling the best college ministries while setting the standard for Christian Apologetics, optimally delivered to young people around the world.

    There has never been a time in human history when there has been more scientific, philosophical, archeological and historical evidence supporting Christianity than today. Scripture provides an elegant and intellectually satisfying solution to modern scientific conundrums. The reasons for investigating the truth claims of Christianity have never been more compelling, necessitating a rigorous intellectual discussion at the university.

    I am honored to join forces with the dedicated Ratio Christi Team. Like Caleb (Num. 13:30-14:9), I resolutely refuse to lose hope even though the land is full of "giants". Our God will deliver us! We will overcome! But we each must do our part to engage skeptics using all of our gifts and abilities in our efforts to reclaim the mind for Christ at the university.

  • Michael Sherrard

    Michael C. Sherrard is the Director of Ratio Christi College Prep, a student apologetics alliance that seeks to train youth in apologetics, worldview, and evangelism. He is also a Pastor at Crosspoint Community Church in Peachtree City, GA, the author of Relational Apologetics: Defending the Christian Faith with Holiness, Respect, and Truth, and an indie electronic musician who has released two albums Down with the Darkness and What Comes First.

    Mike has a B.A. in Religion and a Masters of Divinity with a concentration in Apologetics from Luther Rice Seminary and University, and is a PhD Cand. at Radboud Universtiy Nimjen under Prof. Jan Van Der Watt.

    Mike has been working with youth for over ten years and has a passion for equipping them with the knowledge necessary to love God deeply and defend their hope in Him faithfully. Through Ratio Christi College Prep, Mike desires to launch an evangelistic movement amongst youth so that all may know the goodness of our God.

  • Ron Hendrix

    Since completing twelve years as Executive Director Parkinson’s Association of San Diego at the end of 2012, while at the same time he also acted as the Coordinator APDA Information & Referral Center in San Diego.  

    Since leaving PASD Dr. Hendrix has been providing professional consulting services to non-profit organizations and volunteer support to a variety of other community agencies.   His focus is on helping these organizations grow in their ability to provide services that positively impact the lives of their constituents, while supporting the staff, families and corporate objectives.  

    For the 11 ½ years prior to PASD, Dr. Hendrix held the position of Executive Director at the Alzheimer’s Association in San Diego.  During that tenure he helped the organization grow to one of the strongest in the national Alzheimer’s Association network.

    During his career, he has accumulated over 40 years of diversified management experience while directing several non-profit organizations that served seniors, developmentally disabled, learning disabled and/or traumatically head injured young adults.  He also held a full-time position as an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Sacred Heart University in Bridgeport, Connecticut (3 ½ years), and just prior, as a part-time instructor at Norwalk Community College where he taught classes in General Psychology and in the business department, Organizational Behavior.          

    Dr. Hendrix has a Ph.D. from the University of Connecticut in Educational Psychology & Rehabilitation Research and a M.Ed. in Rehabilitation Counseling from Pennsylvania State University and a BA from Susquehanna University in Psychology, History and Sociology.  He is a LEAD graduate, is actively involved in the community and his church.  Immediately prior to moving to Texas he served as a lead usher, Coordinator for “Perspectives on the World Christian Movement” series and leader/teacher in the seniors program, Pathways.   Currently, he attends Grace Baptist Church of Salado where he serves as Elder and as one of the teachers in the Wednesday morning men’s Bible study. He and his wife act as Co-Coordinators of Trudy’s Closet, a clothing ministry to the poor.  

    Dr. Hendrix is married to the lovely Mary Hendrix, M.Th. who for twelve years served as the Coordinator of Spiritual Care and Volunteers for Sharp HospiceCare.  For 6 years as the first female volunteer Chaplain with the Escondido Police Department and currently with the Belton, TX Police Department. She is recognized as a Senior Chaplain with the International Fellowship of Chaplains.  Together they have three grown children and two grandchildren.

  • Sheryl Young

    Sheryl Young works with Ratio Christi in the field of Public Relations and Communication. She reaches out to members of the media and other organizations to schedule interviews for Ratio Christi's representatives through radio, television and internet or print magazines, and to spread the word about our ministry. For our RC Journal newsletters she captures vital news, events, and photos, and interviews Ratio Christi staff and outstanding students so that our supporters can get to know them through reading about them. You will see these articles and interviews often on our website. Sheryl also functions as a member of our social media team, networking with people and organizations through venues such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

    Sheryl came to us in early 2014 after sixteen years as a professional freelance writer for newspapers, magazines and websites doing feature articles, research, commentary columns and interviews. She specialized in writing to reach people with conservative and Christian principles on hot topics, political issues, and cultural trends. After editing some blog posts for Ratio Christi representatives and learning about our ministry, she wanted to be more involved and joined the team. Later that year, she achieved her Certification in Apologetics from Biola University.

    "I thank God for the opportunity to work with and for Ratio Christi in efforts to train and encourage students, leaders and educators to express their Christian faith freely within and beyond their academic settings. What a privilege," she says.

    Sheryl was also a Florida spokesperson from 2000 to 2005 for Concerned Women for America, the largest American traditional alternative to several secular women’s organizations. For CWA she concentrated in the area of public education, religious rights and women's issues, keeping members and the public informed about agendas running counter to Judeo-Christian values.

  • Tim Hull

    Ratio Christi Erie County Community Apologist , Tim Hull  has been working and training in the field of apologetics since 2010. Tim received his Recording Certificate from REC Recording Workshop in the spring of 2001 and then embarked on an apologetics-centric education through Stand to Reason, Biola, and Ligonier ministries. Hull fervently trains via courses and books by experts Peter Kreeft, William Lane Craig, Justin Brierly,  Don Johnson, and  Dr. Michael Brown.

    Tim has been a Christian for 21 years and joined Ratio Christi after working as Technical Director at two of the largest churches in Erie County. That work helped hone his skills in leadership, theology, team building, and evangelism. Tim is authorized to speak to high school students, young adults, and adult community, church, and taught leaders on the evidence for the Christianity to challenge listeners’ thinking and help Christian audience members carry out The Great Commission. He owns rights to several trainings:
    Being An Ambassador For Christ In Your Context
    How To Share Your Faith With Your Friends and Family
    How To Grow Personally With Jesus
    Overviews of Apologetic Topics
    Why Did Jesus Have To Die

    Since joining Ration Christi in February 2015, Tim is mentoring dozens of young adults, serving as an evangelism and teaching resource to local groups, working with national experts to kick-off his blog series: Everyday Apologetics, and teaching parents how to have fruitful conversations with their teens. Tim’s vision for Erie County includes campus ministries, local church partnerships, and annual apologetics events featuring national speakers.

    Tim and his beautiful wife, Jennifer, are raising two children in Edinboro, Pa.

  • Tony Feiger

    Tony Feiger is the New Staff Development Director as well as Chapter Director for the Northwestern Michigan College chapter of Ratio Christi.  

    Having grown up in Traverse City, Tony enjoys the beach, skiing, bicycling and cherries.  Most recently, Tony has worked as a campus minister at Dartmouth College with Cru, where he enjoyed a ministry of prayer, evangelism and discipleship.  Tony has a special interest in the interaction between faith and science.

    Tony has a wife, Kaylene, and four children.  Together they have served as missionaries at Michigan State University, Orlando, and in Russia since 1997.

    Tony studied engineering at Michigan Technological University and graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering in 1985.  He practiced engineering for 12 years before the Lord called him and his wife into missions. In 2013 Tony was ordained through The Evangelical Church Alliance.

  • Tony Gurule

    Tony Gurule is a full-time missionary on Ratio Christi's National Staff. He is the host of Truth Matters (RC-TV), and he also hosts two shows each week for the Aramaic Broadcasting NetworkColliding Worldviews and Islam & The News. All three shows air LIVE on ABN's Trinity Channel. Also, as RC's Assistant Director of Chapter Formation, he helps establish and maintain the email and social media accounts for directors and chapters, takes care of IT issues as they arise, gives human resource support to Ratio Christi's National Staff, creates and maintains web pages on the RC website, and helps establish RC chapters on university, college, community college, and high school campuses throughout the world. He is also a Community Apologist who speaks in churches and organizations to inform and equip both adults and youth, especially in the areas of evangelism, apologetics, and Islam.

  • Tyler Geffeney

    Tyler Geffeney serves as Director of Ratio Christi International. Previously Tyler worked as the Global Director for Illustra Media and remains as an active board member where he helped run the nonprofit working to equip Christians with the powerful lines of evidence for a faith in God and Jesus through the use of internationally acclaimed documentaries. Prior to that he was the International Director for the C.S. Lewis Society. Tyler speaks at conferences and churches both in the U.S. and abroad where he promotes the tenets of apologetics’ with a guiding passion to shape the Christian community into an uncontainable evangelistic force and imparting with to Christians an unshakable faith in and devotion to Jesus through inspiring and moving apologetics presentations.  Tyler graduated with highest honors from Biola’s M.A. program in Apologetics Tyler recognizes his call to be a passionate and committed ambassador for Christ while equipping other Christians to do the same.