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National Staff

  • Corey Miller

    Corey Miller, PhD, is the President/CEO of Ratio Christi (2015-Present). While he grew up in Utah as a sixth generation Mormon, he came to Christ in 1988. He has served on pastoral staff at four churches and has taught nearly 100 college courses in philosophy, theology, rhetoric, and comparative religions at various places (Purdue, Indiana University, Multnomah University and Ecola Bible College). From 2009-15 he served on staff with Cru's Faculty Commons ministry at Purdue. He is an Adjunct Professor of Philosophy and Comparative Religions at Indiana University-Kokomo. While variously published in journals (International Philosophical Quarterly, Philosophia Christi, Christian Research Journal, etc.), he is also author or co-author of Leaving Mormonism: Why Four Scholars Changed their Minds (2017),  Is Faith in God Reasonable? Debates in Philosophy, Science, and Rhetoric (2014), Moses Maimonides and Thomas Aquinas on the Good Life: From the Fall to Human Perfectibility (forthcoming 2019), and Engaging with Mormons: Understanding their World, Sharing Good News (under contract for 2020). Dr. Miller holds masters degrees in philosophy, biblical studies, and in philosophy of religion and ethics. His PhD is in philosophical theology from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. He is passionate about defending and proclaiming the truth of the Gospel in winsome and bold ways. Miller lives with his wife Melinda and three children in Indiana. 

  • Danny Loe

    Danny Loe, B.S., Th.M., D.Min, is Ratio Christi's Chief of Staff. Before joining Ratio Christi, Danny served with Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ). He spent 5 years in the Philippines and over 12 years in Japan where he trained both American and national Cru workers before returning to the USA to pursue a Th.M. in Cross-Cultural Ministry.

    Danny is a contributing author to Reasons to Believe, an apologetics anthology. Danny's wife, Rebekah, is also on staff with Ratio Christi. Together they are helping a local church develop an outreach program based on his doctoral project, as well as starting an RC chapter at Louisiana State University, in addition to Danny's responsibilities as Chief of Staff for the national team. Danny and Rebekah are blessed with four young adult children: David, Jonathan, Grace and Susanna. The family enjoys reading books aloud to each other and watching "whodunits" in their free time.

  • Aaron Marshall

    Aaron Marshall went to undergrad at Virginia Tech, law school at the University of Texas, Austin and Seminary at Southern Evangelical Seminary where he received his MA in Philosophy and Apologetics. Aaron is a supported missionary with Ratio Christi; a college based Christian apologetics and worldview ministry. He is the Ratio Christi Chapter Director at UNCW as well as the National Director of Chapter Formation. He also teaches Apologetics part-time at Coastal Christian High School in Wilmington.  He is married to Jessalyn and they have five kids: Adalyn (11), Gardner (10), MaryGrace (6), Jason (5) and Isabelle (4).

  • Alicia Parente

    Alicia has been volunteering with Ratio Christi for several years and came onboard as a Supported Missionary on the National Staff in June 2017. She was born and raised in Rhode Island and moved to North Carolina six years ago, and wishes she'd moved there years ago. Alicia is blessed to be married to her best friend and husband, Joseph who will also be joining the staff of Ratio Christi in the near future. Their family has been blessed with seven children who are all grown and living in various states with their spouses and children, which at last count is six grandchildren and two on the way...and counting. Their youngest daughter, Kristen, resides in North Carolina where she attends Appalachian State University which has Ratio Christi's very first campus chapter.

  • Anna Kitko

    Anna first began in the Apologetics field witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, and Christian Scientists. She now has three university degrees in the field and a Masters of Biblical Studies from Reformed Theological Seminary. She is a member of the International Cultic Studies Association and is both Regional Director for Tennessee and Chapter Director at the University of Tennessee - Knoxville, and also Ratio Christi's Cults and New Religions Specialist.

  • Joe Whitchurch

    Joe Whitchurch is Vice President of Campus Operations for Ratio Christi. He has been engaged in college ministry in the U.S. and overseas for the past 37 years. He loves to share the gospel, teach students to study the Word of God, and to challenge them to consider the significance of their worldview. He enjoys interacting with students about difficult questions. He has developed friendships with International students from a variety of religious backgrounds and convictions. They entered warm and candid discussions about the truthfulness of the Christian truth claims, the existence of God, and the greatest news - Jesus Christ.

  • John Stewart

    John Stewart is a lawyer, Christian apologist, author, and award-winning radio personality. He has earned degrees in Biblical Studies (Biola University, B.A.), Theological Studies (Talbot School of Theology, M.A.), and Law (Western State College of Law, Juris Doctor). John joined Ratio Christi in 2012 and served as Executive Director of Ratio Christi International before becoming the current Scholar in Residence for Ratio Christi. He is the co-founder of Intelligent Faith (, an international ministry for training Christian leaders.

  • Kathleen Lovelady

    Kathleen Lovelady serves with Ratio Christi as the Assistant to the President and also as Volunteer Coordinator. She is responsible for scheduling, planning, and coordinating training for Ratio Christi volunteers.

  • Kaylene Feiger

    Kaylene is a gifted campus minister and public speaker. With a proven track record over 18 years as a full time missionary at a variety of campuses in the US and abroad, Kaylene is someone you won’t want to miss. Her captivating stories are filled with both humor and sound wisdom.  Kaylene lives in Traverse City, Michigan with her husband, Tony, and four children.

  • Larry Baxter

    Larry Baxter is the Director of RC Prof, a supported missionary on Ratio Christi's National Team. RC Prof is a vital ministry with the goal of building a movement of missional professors who are encouraged and equipped to live up to their unique calling in the academic world. Larry partners with RC Chapter Directors to locate, train, and mobilize faculty on their campuses in a number of ways: practicing integration in their disicplines, as mentors and speakers for undergraduate ministries, serving in overseas partnership opportunities with RC International, and helping develop engaging resources for current and future professors. Larry also leads the faculty track of the annual RC National Symposium, and seeks to support missional professors in their own conferences and ministries.

  • Michael Bossman

    As Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, I am accountable to insure every campus around the world successfully accomplishes everything that the Lord expects from them. I am responsible to develop an infrastructure that will serve Ratio Christi as a world class operation, rivaling the best college ministries while setting the standard for Christian Apologetics, optimally delivered to young people around the world.

  • Patrick Slaven

    Patrick is a recent addition to the Ratio Christi team in the role of Director of Communications. He brings ten years of experience as a bi-vocational pastor and marketing strategist. Patrick's marketing background is varied, with experience building brands and communication strategies from the ground up for start-ups and multinational companies alike. He has used these marketing roles to fund his pastoral and worship ministries. He has led worship since 2001 and toured the country as part of Christian bands.

  • Ron Hendrix

    Dr. Hendrix has a Ph.D. from the University of Connecticut in Educational Psychology & Rehabilitation Research and a M.Ed. in Rehabilitation Counseling from Pennsylvania State University and a BA from Susquehanna University in Psychology, History and Sociology.  He is a LEAD graduate, is actively involved in the community and his church.  Immediately prior to moving to Texas he served as a lead usher, Coordinator for “Perspectives on the World Christian Movement” series and leader/teacher in the seniors program, Pathways.   Currently, he attends Grace Baptist Church of Salado where he serves as Elder and as one of the teachers in the Wednesday morning men’s Bible study. He and his wife act as Co-Coordinators of Trudy’s Closet, a clothing ministry to the poor.

  • Tim Hull

    Tim Hull  has been working and training in the field of apologetics since 2010. Tim received his Recording Certificate from REC Recording Workshop in the spring of 2001 and then embarked on an apologetics-centric education through Stand to Reason, Biola, and Ligonier ministries. Hull fervently trains via courses and books by experts Peter Kreeft, William Lane Craig, Justin Brierly, Don Johnson, and Dr. Michael Brown.

    Since joining Ration Christi in February 2015, Tim is mentoring dozens of young adults, serving as an evangelism and teaching resource to local groups, working with national experts to kick-off his blog series: Everyday Apologetics, and teaching parents how to have fruitful conversations with their teens. Tim’s vision for Erie County includes campus ministries, local church partnerships, and annual apologetics events featuring national speakers.

  • Tony Feiger

    Tony Feiger is the New Staff Development Director as well as Chapter Director for the Northwestern Michigan College chapter of Ratio Christi.  

    Tony studied engineering at Michigan Technological University and graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering in 1985.  He practiced engineering for 12 years before the Lord called him and his wife into missions. In 2013 Tony was ordained through The Evangelical Church Alliance.

  • Tyler Geffeney

    Tyler Geffeney serves as Executive Director of RC International. Previously Tyler worked as the Global Director for Illustra Media and remains as an active board member where he helped run the nonprofit working to equip Christians with the powerful lines of evidence for a faith in God and Jesus through the use of internationally acclaimed documentaries. Prior to that he was the International Director for the C.S. Lewis Society. Tyler speaks at conferences and churches both in the U.S. and abroad where he promotes the tenets of apologetics’ with a guiding passion to shape the Christian community into an uncontainable evangelistic force and imparting with to Christians an unshakable faith in and devotion to Jesus through inspiring and moving apologetics presentations.  Tyler graduated with highest honors from Biola’s M.A. program in Apologetics Tyler recognizes his call to be a passionate and committed ambassador for Christ while equipping other Christians to do the same.