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What Are Other Campus Ministries Saying?

Ratio Christi has assisted my students by bolstering their faith in the one true God.  They aren't just learning how to be bold in the face of controversy, but rather they are learning more about the true nature of Jesus Christ and the proofs of His truth.  This, in turn, bolsters their faith and emboldens them to go tell the world about Jesus and make disciples because of His grace.  In our continuing partnership with Ratio Christi we have seen many strides made into the dark places of our campus where students of faith were once afraid to go.  Now, we are seeing how students desire to love people with the truth of Jesus outside of their comfort zones.   It is quite a miracle to watch how our campus is slowly transforming through the love and grace of Jesus.  I'm thankful to partner with our brothers and sisters of Ratio Christi and hope to do so for many days to come.  Jesus is certainly using this ministry.  Let us not underestimate what He can do and what that means.  ~ Evan Blackerby, (NC Baptist Campus Ministries Central Region Consultant)

As a BCM president, it can be very easy to get caught up in all the ins and outs of ministry and at times lose my focus on why I even do what I do. Being a part of Ratio Christi allows to be a part of a unique aspect of ministry that reminds me of why I disciple and at the same time, shows me how to disciple through conversation and every day life. Knowing why we do what we do as Christians is so vital to ministry. We need the foundation of apologetics and reason to bolster our faith. Faith is not blind, but an evident trust in God and what He is doing. Ratio Christi goes hand in hand with my involvement in BCM and for others involved in other ministry groups.  ~ Logan Macon, BCM president, UNCG 2013

During my time serving in college ministries I learned that college students are really good at getting pumped up and excited for the mission of God. The passion is there, but on college campuses evangelism is a very intellectual beast. Students can find themselves in conversations they are not prepared for, which can easily quench their passion. I am thankful for the ministry of Ratio Christi who seeks to partner with other ministries and train students in apologetics. Apologetics gives students more self-confidence as evangelists, but more importantly it gives them more confidence in Christ, our Redeemer.  ~ Matt Kennedy, BCM and RC president, UNCG 2012