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"Serving as a Chapter Director with Ratio Christi has afforded me the opportunity to defend the faith on the front lines in the battle for the mind. I cannot imagine a greater need in contending for the faith then the university. Ratio Christi gives you the chance to persuade the non-believer and encourage the believer as we share the love of Christ on campus."    Ken Grano, M.A. Apologetics (SES) and Ratio Christi Chapter Director-Appalachian State University
“If you are passionate about reaching the ‘leading thinkers’ on campus, Ratio Christi provides outstanding resources and support mechanisms.  The apologetics approach helps students build up a defense for their faith in Christ, and respectfully reaches out to skeptics with meaningful dialogue on a Biblical worldview.  When coupled with science apologetics from Reasons to Believe, technically-minded students can see a pathway towards a creator who cares.”  John Weber, President, Reasons To Believe Austin and Ratio Christi Chapter Director-University of Texas at Austin
"It's an honor to serve as chapter director for Ratio Christi at UNC Greensboro. There are plenty of challenges, but the potential for kingdom impact far outweighs the struggles. It's not terribly difficult to put our apologetics training into practice in the church setting, but Ratio Christi provides the opportunity to use our training "in the lion's den" so to speak. Not only do we get to equip Christian students to be able to defend their faith, but we get to build relationships with outspoken atheists, skeptics, and people of other faiths while dialoging with them about the reasons Christianity is actually true. If you have a passion for truth and apologetics, Ratio Christi is a great way to use it!" Adam Tucker, M.A. Apologetics/Philosophy (in progress-SES) and Ratio Christi Chapter Director-UNC Greensboro
"It is a true privilege to serve as chapter director for Ratio Christi at the largest campus in the country-The Ohio State University.  As someone who has done extensive evangelism on this campus for a number of years, I can say without hesitation that an apologetics ministry is long overdue here. I continually see the results of Christians that come to college without apologetic training. Furthermore, given the increase of skepticism on college campuses, there is no better time to have such a vital ministry such as Ratio Christi as an option for college students.” Eric Chabot: M.A. Religious Studies/ M.A. Philosophy (in progress-SES)  and Ratio Christi Chapter Director-Ohio State University
"I'm excited to be serving under Ratio Christi.  Ratio Christi is a unique ministry that combines discipleship - knowing why you believe what you believe - with evangelism.  We contend weekly on campus that Christianity is reasonable, rational, and true so that doubting and growing Christians are encouraged while skeptics and seekers are given thought-provoking answers.  I consider it a great privilege to be equipping students with the confidence and discernment to know why they believe what they believe." Patrick Collins, M.A. Theology (Liberty)/Certified in Christian Apologetics (Biola) and Ratio Christi Chapter Director-University of Alabama Huntsville
"The war for the mind has no more intense battlefield than on the university campus. The students are surrounded by a screaming chorus of voices, which do their best to drown out the still, small voice of God. Just this week a new student showed up at our regular meeting, telling us that she was a Christian, but most of her friends were atheists or agnostics. She was familiar with the arguments from the skeptics, and was searching for a well-reasoned defense of the faith. She was hungry for answers, and before she found Ratio Christi, had not found anywhere that could supply them. These types of students are everywhere, for in our day the university campus is permeated with every worldview known to man, and very few sources for a reasoned defense of the Christian faith. I have also found that there are students who are already self-trained in apologetics, but have no outlet for their talents. We supply them a way to use their gifts to help others, and they get very excited about it. As someone interested in the world of ideas, I can think of no place better than to work on the college campus. Apologetics on campus is one of the greatest challenges in our world today, and has a great potential for reward." Glenn Smith, M.A. Apologetics and Ratio Christi Chapter Director-Texas A&M
"It is an honor and a privilege to serve God as the faculty advisor and chapter director of Ratio Christi at Ohio University (OURC). Created as “Christian Engineers and Scientists” in 2009, OURC provides the opportunity to exhort students to make the most of the opportunities that God has provided to them in the university. Leading by example, I encourage the OURC members to be inspired by their faith to fully engage their minds in the study of God’s universe. I help the students to realize that the Christian worldview provides  meaning, purpose and value for academic pursuits. Students are challenged with the opportunity  to honestly seek the truth, to test all things, and to hold on to what is good." Lonnie Welch, PhD. Professor and Ratio Christi Chapter Director-Ohio University