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The Ratio Christi group here at Lenoir-Rhyne University in Hickory, North Carolina is doing very well. We will continue to meet during the summer as there is still interest from members of the community and also students who will be staying in the area.  Amazingly, even after exams were over and the students had gone home, one young man drove an hour from his home to attend our 7:00 am Ratio Christi meeting, and another young lady drove 3 hours!  It is so encouraging to see such serious commitment and spiritual hunger in these students. ~ Julia Byrd, (graduating senior and one of the club founders at LR).

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Ratio Christi has been a faith deepening exercise... For those who are putting on the full armor of God, Ratio Christi is a vital repository of knowledge... This is where craftsmen demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God. We are learning to answer everyone who asks us to give a reason (Ratio) for the hope we have in Christ (Christi), and through the grace of God and fellowship we are humbling ourselves to be gentle and relevant to those who are perishing. ~ Andrew (Ohio State)
Ratio Christi has given me something that I did not know exists; a rational and logical defense for my faith. When I dialogue with atheists, they are shocked I have a defense. When I run into skeptics, they are overwhelmed by the amount of evidence supporting creation. Last but not least, when I run into Christians with questions they find that their belief has a strong, historical foundation that cannot be shaken. We must get this information to each and every campus. ~ JP (NC State)
Ratio Christi allows for an analytical look at topics commonly overlooked by other campus ministries. The knowledge I have gained through participation has helped me join spiritual and classroom knowledge. It has been an honor to be involved in growing this new ministry ~ Stephen (ASU)
I joined Ratio Christi not only to learn more about my faith and strengthen it, but to be involved in something greater on campus. I learn something new every meeting, thoroughly enjoy the discussions and am looking forward to involving more people who also have the same goal of expanding His kingdom. ~ Aimee (ASU)
Ratio Christi has provided an open atmosphere in which I can bring my questions about Christianity. It has given me logical answers to those questions and has equipped me with arguments about issues I face as a Christian student on a secular campus. It is rare to find a place where religion can be discussed objectively and beliefs are supported by concrete evidence. I am thankful to have found one and am continually learning how important apologetics is as a witness. ~ Jennifer (UNCC)
Thank you so much for organizing the event. I gained my faith back after the first lecture, it was amazing. Three days ago, everybody made me feel stupid for believing in God ever since I got in college. I felt that everybody else is stupid for not believing in God. Today was the first mass after that lecture, and it felt like a new experience to me. I was beginning to lose my faith from day one at OSU. OSU is very liberal, everybody made fun of my Christian and conservative beliefs; they made me feel like I'm an alien. Dr. Turek, made me feel I'm sane and I'm smart for believing in God. Regardless of the intelligent, powerful, and correct points that he made, simply seeing a Christian person with big faith boosted up my own faith. I have been praying for months for God to strengthen my faith because I didn't want to leave Him, I didn't want to live life without Him, and I didn't know how it'll be like. And God used you guys and Dr. Turek to give me back my faith, so thank you so much, God bless you and him, and praised be the Lord. ~ Student after a public event sponsored by the OSU Ratio Christi chapter (Ohio State)
The nights we had Ratio Christi were always my favorite of the week. Being a part of this group helped me understand how Christianity is not simply a blind faith, but a belief grounded in evidence. It [answered] some doubts I had in the past and created a doorway to bring my atheist friends to explore a reasonable faith. In a campus as spiritually opposed [to Christianity] as Rutgers, Ratio Christi is an oasis for the student seeking reasonable answers and evidences to his search for truth. ~ Andrea (Rutgers)
Over my freshman year at UAHuntsville, God has caused me to learn a lot about both Him and myself. Because of being introduced to the ministry of apologetics through Ratio Christi, Christianity has become more real than ever before in my life. The amount of spiritual equipping that I have gone through has not only kept me from doubting my faith but has started a passion to tell others of the many reasons for God's existence and love. Whenever I am confused about anything, I am able to go to . . . Patrick Collins (the RC Chapter Director), and find answers to the questions that I have. I have gained more encouragement and confidence to explain my beliefs than I could have asked for in my first year. Now I have the courage to stand up and discuss my faith with the campus atheists, although I still don't have all the answers.  ~ Hans (UAH)
College can really take a toll on a student’s faith, and Ratio Christi provides fact-based support for the Christian worldview that can be hard to find elsewhere. Ratio Christi helped me conquer my doubts and fall even more in love with the Word. All the aspects we discuss, from history to logic to philosophy, are fascinating and equip us to defend our faith in an ever-more hostile and confused environment.  ~ Monica (UC Irvine)
Ratio Christi has helped me learn about the reasons why the Christian worldview stands head and shoulders above the rest. This has helped me feel strengthened in my faith and more confident in sharing my faith with others. Ratio Christi helps show that our faith is not a blind faith, but a reasonable faith.  ~ Matt (UC Irvine)

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