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Why Is This So Important?

Are Christian students really ridiculed and humilated?

Rick Schenker, President of Ratio Christi said, "Yes-I have heard this from many students, and have actully seen it happen during a public debate. A biology professor from the university laid out an argument, totally unrelated to the debate, that implied that students who believe in God as the Creator of the universe were stupid." Students often face statements like, ‘God doesn’t exist’, ‘The Bible is historically inaccurate’, ‘Truth is relative,’ and ‘Jesus never claimed to be God’.  Because these ideas often permeate the university, many students fall into the trap of believing them without a critical analysis of the facts.

Statistics note that 75% of incoming Christian freshman walk away from their faith by the time they leave college. This is a huge problem, and the church needs to focus on answering these questions. This is where Ratio Christi hopes to play an important role. Ratio Christi (Latin for ‘The Reason of Christ’) is an organization that seeks to place Christian apologetics clubs at secular and liberal universities both nationally and internationally. Situating Ratio Christi chapters at universities is an important step in reversing the trend of secularism that permeates most educational institutions. We want to offer Christian students the answers to their questions, and sponsor debates and lectures that engage the minds of non-Christian students and faculty.

“The contemporary Western intellectual world is a battleground or arena in which rages a battle for men’s souls, said Philosopher, Alvin Plantinga. Christian academics, especially those who teach at secular institutions, are the Church’s front-line in this battle. This is a front which is absolutely crucial for the advance of the Kingdom of God in our day. Why? Simply because the single most important institution shaping Western culture is the university.”  Wm Lane Craig, Ph.D.  


Ratio Christi is an idea that is way overdue…Summit Ministries is thrilled to endorse this project ... which has
the potential to help hundreds, even thousands, of students to defend their faith and champion the Christian worldview.” –
David Noebel, President Summit Ministries

Almost 30 years ago, Charles Malik, in dedicating the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College, remarked: "Save the university and you save Western civilization and therewith the world.... Wake up, my friends, wake up: the great universities control the mind of the world. Therefore how can evangelism consider its task accomplished if it leaves the university unevangelized? And how can evangelism evangelize the university if it cannot speak to the university." Apologetics, the reasoned defense of the Christian faith, is the key to evangelizing the university. I commend Ratio Christi for taking seriously Malik's call to reclaim the university for Christ.William Dembski, author of The Design Inference(Cambridge University Press, 1998)

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Ratio Christi has made my time here on a secular college campus so much more enjoyable. I have a much better grasp on my beliefs and values, why I believe them, and how to defend them, as I try and make a stand against the overwhelmingly opposing opinions in the classroom. Every meeting is like a breath of fresh air. - Alexandra (UNCC)

Ratio Christi has been a faith deepening exercise... For those who are putting on the full armor of God, Ratio Christi is a vital repository of knowledge...

This is where craftsmen demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God. We are learning to answer everyone who asks us to give a reason (Ratio) for the hope we have in Christ (Christi), and through the grace of God and fellowship we are humbling ourselves to be gentle and relevant to those who are perishing. –Andrew (Ohio State)

Ratio Christi has given me something that I did not know exists; a rational and logical defense for my faith.
When I dialogue with atheists, they are shocked I have a defense. When I run into skeptics, they are overwhelmed by the amount of evidence supporting creation. Last but not least, when I run into Christians with questions they find that their belief has a strong, historical foundation that cannot be shaken. We must get this information to each and every campus. – JP (NC State)

Ratio Christi allows for an analytical look at topics commonly overlooked by other campus ministries. The knowledge I have gained through participation has helped me join spiritual and classroom knowledge. It has been an honor to be involved in growing this new ministry –Stephen (ASU)

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