Here's our tentative schedule for January 11 - April 26

Jan 11:  What is a human and what is the image of God?

Jan 18:  Conversations:  talk about who you love

Jan 25:  Evidence from science:  the beginning of the universe

Feb 1:  Evidence from science:  the design of the universe

Feb 8:  Evidence from science:  the origin of life

Feb 15:  Evidence from science:  the design of life

Feb 22:  Making and Viewing Art with Scripture as Your Guide

Mar 1:  Review of the Moral Argument and evidence for monotheism discussed to date

Mar 8-10. Travel to CA for conference during spring break

Mar 15:  Miracles as evidence for monotheism

Mar 22:  Witchcraft and Christianity:  Discerning Voices

Mar 29:  Abortion

April 5:  Sexuality

April 12:  Surgery and chemical issues

April 19:  Justice:  is there a difference between Christians and others?

April 26:  Wrap up