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  • Great Interview Happened with 6 RC people on "iWork4Him" Streaming Radio!

    Six representatives of Ratio Christi were interviewed in a live August 25, 2017 radio and streaming internet program with the ministry "iWork4Him." The interview included students and leaders from Appalachian State University, Winthrop University, University of South Florida at Tampa, Colorado State University, and our RC Prof ministry. All came on the air to explain what we do at Ratio Christi, why w...   More

  • Why Islam Fails as a Moral Philosophy: Part 1

    If you were reading a math book and you came across an equation saying 2+2=4 on one page, but on the very next page, you discovered another equation saying 2+2 =5, what would you think? Most of us know the answer is four, and it could never be five. However, young children would be more naïve. Consider for a moment the impact of consistently holding this book up as the standard for math. As these children developed into mature men and women, they would most likely live in a state of co...   More

  • Book Review

    Book Review:  A Reasonable Response

    A Reasonable Response by William Lane Craig and Joseph Gorra, is a compilation of Dr. Craig’s most insightful and instructive Q&A exchanges.  The book is meant to be a  “celebration and an example of the practice and ministry of answering questions.” [1] The questions are organized in six broad categories: (a) Knowing and Believing What Is Real, (b) God, (c) Origins and the M...   More

  • Militant Atheists and the 'Other' Holocausts

    Where Are the New Atheists Leading Us?

    By Rick Schenker, President of Ratio Christi

    In a letter that General Dwight Eisenhower wrote to General George Marshall on April 15, 1945, he described some of the horrors he saw in Nazi Germany’s Holocaust. He indicated that it was necessary to preserve the evidence so that, “if ever, in the future, there develops the tendency to charge these allegation...   More

  • Historical Reliability of the Gospels

    So this semseter we have been going over this curriculum: during our Ratio Christi weekly meetings.

    We have covered the first six articles and have concluded thus far that the Gospels talk about real historical places and put at the center of their narratives a real historical person (Jesus). From what we have seen the idea that the Gospels are primarliy mythological in character and portray a mythological person named Jesus wh...   More

  • What Do Ratio Christi Meetings Look Like?

    by Glenn Smith, Chapter Director at Texas A&M University

    Ratio Christi operates differently from how Christian apologetics have traditionally been done. In the past, apologists were alone, doing work that was breaking new ground. Therefore, the only avenue available to them was through teaching, writing books and articles, and debates. So, when Ratio Christi came along, many Christians and apologists simply did not understand how we went about our work. From the perspectiv...   More

  • Chasing Away the White Elephant in the Room

    “We MUST double the number of students getting an M.A. in Apologetics”
                                                    Rick Schenker, President of Ratio Christi

    Ratio Christi is deploying apologists to gras...   More

  • Oral Tradition and the Gospels

    I recently had an interesting conversation with someone concerning the lack of intellectual honesty amongst scholars who write books on a popular level. The allegation being that in order to persuade the reader to find the authors arguments convincing they may intentionally ignore or push aside evidence that could pose a problem to the view they are advocating. After reading an excerpt from Dr. Bart Ehrman’s Jesus: Apocalyptic Prophet of the New Millennium I could not help bu...   More