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  • Greg Walker

    Greg Walker is the Chapter Director of Appalachian State University. He served in the US Army as an Airborne Ranger (1/75) and deployed to combat in both Afghanistan and Iraq . After returning home and struggling with the effects of war, Greg became an artist who refined his artistic abilities in Barcelona, Spain and Laguna Beach, CA. After a hopeless pursuit for joy and life fulfillment, he eventually turned to God and got saved by repenting and believing in His only Son Jesus Christ. Since then he has been the assistant director of Global Cross Ministries (2014-2015), director of the annual Truth Festival, an associate pastor, and most importantly an evangelist. He holds a bachelor of arts in religious studies, a master of arts in religion, and is currently completing a master of divinity in apologetics from Southern Evangelical Seminary. He and his lovely wife, Lindsey, have three children and live near Boone..

    Greg understands cultural and worldview issues and how to effectively communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a society poisoned by postmodernism. He is passionate about helping to lead and equip Christian university professors, students, and local churches to lovingly defend the historic Christian faith, to be united in Christ, and to be more effective in relational evangelism.

    Greg enjoys spending his free time in fellowship with friends and family and especially outdoor activities with his wife and children.

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