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  • Generous Devastation: A Response to Brian McLaren

    by David Field

    Unintended consequences can be devastating.  Sometimes, the good we attempt results, unwittingly, in an abandonment of the substance of our beliefs.  I believe this is what has happened with Brian McLaren.  On January 2, 2013 Ken Mafli at Glass House Theology posted a short interview with Mr. McLaren.  Even though it is fairly limited in scope, there were...   More

  • Point of Contact: Occupy Oakland

    The East Bay has made it into the news again, and as usual, it isn’t a positive story.  On November 2, the 99% gathering known as Occupy Oakland initiated a general strike in the city which deteriorated into isolated acts of violence and damaged property.  Now, students at UC Berkeley have occupied Sproul Plaza to protest planned tuition increases by the regents.

    Wat...   More