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  • No Such Thing as "Blind Faith" (Part 6)


    In support of the Central Thesis: “No one can actually believe in something blindly.” (Part 1)

    Direct Experience is perhaps the most common route to faith articulated in the Bible, and quite possibly by Christians the world over.  Seeing something “with your own eyes” is the quickest route to establishing &ldq...   More

  • Doing Good

    There are many “good things” we can do.  But we don’t have time for all of them.  We have to make choices.  I view this as living for the “greater” things.    More

  • Getting Ready for the 2013-2014 School Year

    We are excited to be at SJSU again this year. We plan on doing a study with Cold Case Christianity by J. Warner Wallace and hopefully we will have him come speak at SJSU for our major event this school year (Check out his website, We also hope to have Dr. Ken Jung come speak at our meetings (Check out his blog The students really enjoyed his talks last year on Postmodernism and Religious Pluralism. We are excited to...   More

  • A Christian's Reflections on Ramadan

    I love Muslim people. Many students at the University of Michigan-Dearborn are Muslims who are native residents of our community where I live, or other suburbs of Detroit.   (There is also a growing number of international students who are Muslims.)  On campus and elsewhere I find that many Muslims respect Christian apologetics and Christians who can intelligently defend their faith in a way that is tempered with “gentleness and respect” (1 Peter 3:15b).  The...   More

  • The Jesus Myth? A Response to Richard Carrier (Part 5)

    My apologies for the long delay in completing the series. Much has happened since my last post that is not pertinent to the topic at hand. This final part will be short and sweet. By way of review, we have examined Dr. Richard Carrier's claims that Christianity evolved from polytheism (PART 1), of similarities between Christianity and other pagan beliefs   More

  • Don’t Follow the World

    We’re often told to be in the world, but not of it.  That’s easy to say, but what does that mean?  Do we hide in our Christian ‘bubbles’ away from all unbelievers or just don’t enjoy the things the ‘world’ does while trying to reach them?   More

  • Is Jesus the Jewish Messiah? Dr. Michael Brown to Lecture at The Ohio State University

    Apologetics is a branch of Christian theology that helps provide reasons for belief in the explanatory power of Christian theism. It is true that other faiths attempt to provide reasons for justification for their own truth claims.

    One apologetic method that is a bit unfamiliar but is not entirely new is what is called Messianic Apologetics.

    Messianic Apologetics is not new because it deals with many of the same objections that Jesus and His followers encountered in the fi...   More

  • Holiness & Legalism

    Have you cringed yet?  Many react to “holiness” and “legalism” because they’ve had a bad experience with it.  Anytime strict rules are mentioned, some people immediately react with “That’s legalism!  We’re under grace, not law!”  That’s true, but it’s becoming common for people to mistake holiness for legalism.   More

  • No Such Thing as "Blind Faith" (Part 5)


    In support of the Central Thesis: “No one can actually believe in something blindly.” (Part 1)


    “There is no such thing as an atheist in a fox hole.” – Father William Cummings   More

  • Living Sacrificially

    “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service.” Romans 12:1

    I’ve always found this to be one of the most powerful verses in the New Testament for believers.  Paul just spent 11 chapters on the most comprehensive and profound theological treatise.  Then, here in chapter 12, verse 1, he starts with: “Therefore...”   More

  • No Such Thing as "Blind Faith" (Part 4)


    In support of the Central Thesis: “No one can actually believe in something blindly.” (Part 1)

    Having a new-born infant in the house is one of the greatest blessings imaginable.  But there are also some very disorienting aspects of the newborn that make a computer-programmer-type person a little crazy.  Lack of sleep is not a big deal...   More

  • No Such Thing as “Blind Faith” (Part 3)

    Moved to Faith by Reliable Sources

    In support of the Central Thesis: “No one can actually believe in something blindly.” (Part 1)

    What do you consider a reliable source of information?  We put our trust (faith) in others all the time.  Eating at a restaurant shows our faith in the cooks, the health inspectors, or even the friend who tell us, “It looks terr...   More

  • Two Weeks!

    We have only two weeks until the first meeting of the semester! We have a great year planned and can't wait to get it started!   More

  • Is God a Moral Monster?

    Evidence 4 Faith addresses the accusation that God promoted Slavery, Genocide and other evils in the OT.

    (click below to listen)

    Archived shows at  Podcasts at iTunes and DoubleTwist.   More

  • Luther Rice University Unveils New Apologetics Degree

    Luther Rice University and Seminary is pleased to announce the launch of its newly designed Master of Arts degree program in Apologetics.  This academically rigorous and highly affordable program, which can be completed 100% online, is unique in its specialized focus on the essential components of Christian apologetics.  Courses include: Biblical Apologetics, Theological Apologetics, Philosophy of Religion, World Religions, Science...   More

  • Communicate Expectations

    I have come across many young adults who jump church to church looking for that perfect fellowship.  The one where everyone is in perfect unity, knows everyone else, invites you over for dinner after church, all to discuss your favorite Bible or sports topic.   More

  • No Such Thing as “Blind Faith” (Part 2)

    What is the Biblical concept of the word “faith”?

    In support of the Central Thesis: “No one can actually believe in something blindly.” (Part 1)

    This series of blog posts will explore what is meant by Christians when they say they have “faith” in Christ.  This will serve dual purposes of causing the Christian to seriously consider HOW they the...   More

  • Leadership Lessons

    Every Christian ought to aspire to be a leader.  Maybe not a leader of an organization or even a large group of people, but at the least a leader of another person through spiritual growth and discipleship.  Over the next month or so I plan to write several posts on leadership to help bring perspectives on what good leadership looks like.