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  • The Supreme Court, Christians, what?

    I was only an infant when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of abortion in the case Roe v. Wade.  Many legal experts then and now believe that the SCOTUS overreached in its decision and “created” rights that were not in the constitution, i.e. the right to privacy in regards to obtaining an abortion.  However, in the last 40+ years I have worked alongside millions who believe abortion is morally wrong and have tried to repeal and restrict this decision.

    ...   More

  • Sexuality & Marriage: What's Ethics Got to Do With It?

    On Tuesday, October 1, 2013 at Rutgers University Kellie Fiedorek (Alliance Defending Freedom) & Ryan T. Anderson (Heritage Foundation) spoke at Rutgers University on sexual ethics. In an "anything goes" sexual culture why should we even discuss the ethics of people's "private" lives? Are sexual mores grounded in anything besides our desires? As a result of the recent turbulent upheaval of opinion and law regarding marriage are there rational answers to a public understanding of mar...   More

  • not the answer!

    The Bible tells us that by grace we are saved through faith. Pretty short and to the point. Grace saves one through faith. But then what? Many controversies have risen concerning salvation. Grace by faith, believe and confess, whosoever shall be saved, you get the point. Baptism, go to church, make disciples, share the good news? All the above. Good question/questions! I am glad you ask!   More

  • Biblical Contradictions: Scripture vs Apologetics

    One of many objections to the Bible is that it contradicts itself. I said it many times during my years as an agnostic. I hear from followers, sadly, and non-followers, that the Bible contradicts itself. Well, it doesn't. Now that we have that out of the way, what does Biblical contradictions: scripture verses apologetics have to do with anything? I am glad you ask!

    I stumbled, not literally, across a blog this morning concerning objections to apologetics. I have heard many obj...   More

  • The overview

         Like the movement for spiritual renewal associated with the Cluniac reformers, the Crusades – wars to regain the Holy Land from the Muslims – were an outpouring of Christian zeal and an attempt by the papacy to assert its preeminence.1 

         The definition of the Crusades as stated above is simply a broad statement to begin to understand what the Crusades were and to establish a foundation to show whether or not they...   More

  • The Problem of Sin

         The problem with sin extends beyond a simple definition of the word.  We will indeed define sin; however without the proper background and a solid foundation of sin one could not begin to understand the complexity of why sin is a problem.  Sin has been discussed throughout history in both the secular and the Christian communities.  The point being made in this particular discussion is that in fact sin is not only a...   More

  • Five Years of Good Reasons for What We Do

    Andrew Robbins of Ratio Christi at Texas A&M (“TAMU”) is a great example of why we’ve been encouraged to start our new College Prep division at the high school level. Robbins' interest in apologetics was sparked during high school. He has "fanned the flame" by continuing these studies throughout his undergraduate work as an active RC member,...   More

  • Happy Fifth Anniversary to The Poached Egg Apologetics Website!

    We're re-publishing our April 2014 interview with Greg West, originator and administrator of The Poached Egg website, in honor of its Fifth Anniverasry online! The original title of the article was "Meet Greg West, Master Chef of The Poached Egg." 

    Greg West runs the fifth most popular Christian apologetics website on the Internet, The Poached Egg. We’re pleased that he and his food...   More

  • History of the New Testament

         The development of the New Testament Canon at first glance would appear to some as a possible basic definition of where the New Testament came from originally.  In this presentation we will show that there is truly not a precise answer to what appears to be such a simple question.  Especially since Christianity is based on the facts of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  To base a religion on such facts one needs to be able to provide &ldq...   More

  • What before Why part 2

    Atheist Christopher Hitchens once issued the challenge "Name one moral action performed by a believer that could not have been done by a nonbeliever." So what does that have to do with "What before Why?" I am glad you ask!   More

  • What before Why

    I have heard it stated many times "you believe what, why would you believe such a thing?" Normally when it is associated with something that seems unbelievable to the person making the statement. Normally gossip. But that, of course, isn't the point of this writing. So what is the point? I am glad you ask!   More

  • What about those that have never heard?

    There are many objections to the Christian faith. This particular one, concerning those that have never heard, is typically concerning third world countries. I am not sure why that us usually the focus to this objection. There are many that have never heard. Maybe your next door neighbor. But not hearing the gospel, which is the reference to this objection, isn't the focus of this writing. So what is the focus? I am glad you ask!   More

  • Truth Claims of Mormonism...

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) is the official name of the organization called the Mormon Church. “This organization has become one of the fastest growing religions in history. The church reported 53,000 full-time missionaries and almost 13 million members in over 170 countries and territories as of 2007”.  Obviously, based on these numbers alone, Mormonism is one of the most popular religions in the world. It, Mormonism, “re...   More

  • We Value . . .

    The Church is a funny thing. Strange. A faulty group made up of very faulty individuals. It has blundered through history; "a holy huddle," not so holy.

    Ratio Christi values the church.    More

  • Women of Islam: Behind the Veil - A Look at Faith and Practice

    by Lori Peters, RC Chapter Director, University of New Hampshire (UNH).

    Part of a Ratio Christi series on Islam. See links below article.

    Since the tragic events of 9/11, the press, politicians, and western Muslims have proclaimed that Islam is a religion of peace. Despite the dramatic and more recent stories out of Afghanistan, Iraq, and other countries witnessed by aid workers and military personne...   More

  • Can we really trust the Bible if...

    The inspired, infallible, inerrant Word of God. The Bible. The foundation of Christianity. Believed by many. Doubted by some. And disregarded by a few. It has been a best selling book and one of, if not the most, scrutinized writings in history. Other religions have supposedly corrected it. While the Christian bases their life on it. But can we really trust the Bible if...well, I am glad you ask!   More

  • Handling the Objection: “But Jesus never said, ‘I am God.’ ”

    Whenever the deity of Jesus comes up in conversations with people from different faiths, it is common to hear the standard objection, “But Jesus never said, ‘I am God.’”


    How might we approach this objection? In his book The Case For The Real Jesus, Lee Strobel says that if you search for Jesus at, you will find 175, 986 books on the most controversial figure in human history. The New Testament does not reveal Jesus as any ordinary...   More