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  • Popular versus Apologetics

    Most of us have heard the saying, "just because everyone does it does not make it right". Basically meaning popular does not always equal good. Recently, in my feeble attempt to write something a little more light hearted than usual, I conducted a very un - scientific survey...on Facebook. Well, not exactly on Facebook in and of itself, but Facebook is where I obtained the numbers for this particular survey. I am not usually a fan of statistics. Typically one can make the numbers appear in...   More

  • Ninety Years Since the Scopes Monkey Trial

    How have the arguments on BOTH sides changed over the years?

    Semester Theme Logo

    Come find out, this semester.

    We will discuss the following topics:   More

    1. What was the Scopes Monkey Trial? We will have a movie night (in CFS 102 September 3 at 5:30 pm) and watch the 1960 version of the trial 
  • Divine Hiddenness

    Has there ever been a time in your life where God felt distant? A season when you could empathize with the Psalmist who said, "Why, O Lord, do you stand far away (Ps 10:1)?"

    For most believers this feeling is a part of faith. The "nearness" of God, from our perspective, seems to ebb and flow during our lives. Of course, we may acknowledge his omnipresence, but when we speak of "nearness" we are speaking in terms of relationship.

    That feeling, that divine hiddenness   More

  • The Bible & Chinese Telephone

    "We can't trust the Bible because it was corrupted through years of translation."

    We've all heard this line before. Recently, I've heard it a lot. It's an argument for why people should not or cannot trust the Bible.

    The theory goes that through the ages people copied and recopied the Bible, each time changing it just a bit so as to reflect what they wanted it to say.

    It's a bit like a massive game of Chinese Telephone or Chinese W...   More

  • Hop on Board with Ratio Christi for the National Pray4America Bus Tour!

    In 2013, the National Day of Prayer Task Force expanded its mission with the launch of the Pray for America (P4A) Bus Tour to mobilize prayer among Americans.

    Mostly known for creating the once-per-year Day of Prayer in the month of May, the National Task Force’s P4A Bus Tour has led prayer groups in 43 states and 500 communities, impacting 130,000 people with 9,000 decisions for Christ. The 2015 theme...   More

  • Christians Today Are Expatriates, Not Exiles

    The Benedict Option, with its talk of "exile," drives us to nostalgic fantasy, not witness.

    By Tom Gilson, Ratio Christi's Vice President for Strategic Services
    Originally published July 27, 2015 at The Stream. Reprinted with permission.

    Rod Dreher has been attracting attention promoting his “Benedict Option” to believers livin...   More

  • Why Sound Doctrine is Important

    The foundation of Christianity lives and dies on the resurrection of Jesus. If Jesus did not rise from the grave Christianity is dead. Paul speaks of this in 1 Corinthians 15:3. Though the resurrection is the foundation, knowing why one believes it is also vitally important. Paul also speaks of false teachers. As does Jesus. So how does one know what to believe? How does one distinguish between Truth and false teaching; especially when both sound similar in many instances. I am glad you ask...   More

  • WE are only trying to help!

    From birth, and throughout life, there is, and always will be, those that know more than we know. As children it is our parents. As parents it is other experts in their respective fields. We send our children to school to learn from teachers. We trust them to teach our kids as they have been to school and are considered to be qualified to teach. And this concepts applies to most everything, from doctors, to lawyers, mechanics, and of course our money, financial advisors we are always relyin...   More

  • Report from the Philippines: "Aslan is On the Move"

    Ratio Christi’s international outreach is exploding in the Philippines. We completed our second annual Philippines Apologetics Academy and Conference in Manila in June, 2015. During the 2014 conference, approximately a dozen people in Manila signed up after the conference to learn how to be RC chapter directors. That training took place, and some are now starting chapters. We also connected with pastors in many cities. This was part of our long-term goal for that nation.   More

  • The Girl Who Started Everything at the University of Virginia

    Ratio Christi at the University of Virginia (UVA) began in the spring of 2013, and we have a student to thank for that. Caitlin Montgomery was instrumental in starting the chapter and finding a chapter director.

    “Hearing about Ratio Christi’s mission was incredibly inspiring,” Montgomery says. “When I found out UVA didn’t have a group yet, I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to try an...   More

  • Apologetics "VBS-Style"

    by Don Brooks, Ratio Christi’s Upper Midwest Regional Director

    Earlier this summer, I was able to attend New Hope Lutheran’s Vacation Bible School program, led by Pastor David Rufner, in my area of Michigan. "VBS" as it is known by most is a summer ministry for elementary age children. New Hope’s VBS was held over the course of four evenings. As a former pastor, I love watching other pastors take the time to prioritize their kids by leading VBS.   More

  • Who Needs Apologetics?

    College football season is just around the corner. It is one of my favorite times of the year. Saturday mornings begin with College Game Day. At noon teams from around the country kickoff for the first games of the day. One is able to watch different teams play well past midnight on most Saturday's. What a great time of the year, especially if your team is playing, and wins, it makes for a full day of fun and relaxation. Cheering, and coaching, yes, coaching from the couch, is the excit...   More