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  • God: Human Invention or Not?

    This is a dialogue between Christian Professor of Philosophy and Apologetics, Dr Richard Howe and Agnostic Philosopher, Dr Abel Pienaar on the Existence of God.

    This event event took place at Stellenbosch University, South-Africa on 27 August 2015.

    The moderator for this event was Mahlatse Mashua (RZIM - SA Director) and the Master of Ceremonies was Nico Panagio.   More

  • Wicked Good Apologetics and a Better Man

    Winding through a town north of north and mostly forgotten, I was reminded that New England is all that it's cracked up to be . . . including the roads: potholes and all. The scenic views, rustic streets, and refreshing chill in early May was a reboot of my youth and early married years in New England. But this wasn't just New England. I was in Bangor, Maine for the Why Jesus? 2016 Northern New Eng...   More

  • Summer Vacation

    I am not sure one would call today's writing a blog. Though I am also not sure of the requirements to be considered a blog. Either way, it started as an email, and then I thought, scary huh, why not post it to my blog site for maximum exposure? Great idea huh? I know at this point you may already be bored. So what does summer vacation have to do with any of this? I am glad you ask!

    While most people look forward to summer vacation, for me, it is one of the busiest times of the...   More

  • I never understood what you do...until now!

    We often find ourselves in uncomfortable situations. You know, sitting or standing, around a person, or group of people, we don't know. It's awkward. The silence is deafening. So we begin to ask ourselves do I speak? If so, what should I say? Do I stay quiet and hope someone else "breaks the ice"? I think you know what I mean. It can happen anywhere. Unless you are one of those people that never meet a stranger, the rest of us have all been there. Many choose to remain silent. Many...   More

  • The First Question in Discussing God's Existence

    How do we know God exists?  Over the years, when I have been asked this question, I used to just jump to an argument for God. Hence,  I would sit down and try to explain it in detail to the individual. I have now decided to take a different approach. I am convinced more than ever that the first question in the discussion is “How should we approach the existence of God?” or, ” What method should we use?” I find 90 % of the people I talk to have never taken t...   More

  • The Very Real Discrimination Against Christian Professors - Part I

    Since the movie God's Not Dead2 was released in April 2016, its critics have claimed that fictional court cases like the one against the make-believe teacher in the film just “blow campus discrimination against Christians out of proportion.”

    Through this two-part offering of interviews with real-life professors about their campus experiences, Ratio Christi adds to the existing evidence that this new intolerance exists in radical proportions today. This is p...   More