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  • A Look at the Jesus Story, Oral Tradition and Eyewitness Memory


    Even though the Christian can always offer certain dates for the Gospels, it should remembered that there was a gap of time between the ascension of Jesus and when the Gospel authors actually wrote their individual biographies about the life of Jesus. Therefore, there was an oral period where the words and deeds of Jesus were committed to memory by the disciples and transmitted orally. Oral Tradition is the transmission of a teaching or saying from per...   More

  • What You Need to Know about Emotional Porn

    (Reprinted with permission from the blog "An Abundant Singleness" by Allison Zeigler)

    Nine months ago I didn't know what emotional porn was. In fact, I'm not sure how it even became the topic for my senior thesis. But I immersed myself in the subject for five months of the school year, discovering in the process how dangerous emotional porn is a...   More

  • Is There Hope For Our Country?

    (Reprinted with permission from the blog of RC College Prep Director Michael C. Sherrard)

    Everyone is peddling fear. Spread it then leveraged it to promote personal agendas. This is how “leaders” grab power these days. Well, while everyone else is fear mongering, here is a bit of hope.   More

  • Does age matter?

    My wife and I have grown accustomed to the occasional stare or comment made by others when out in public with our children. It is not because we look funny. Well, at least I hope not. But there is a slight age difference between us. I am older than my wife’s step mother, if that helps. But that isn’t really the odd part. Our children range in age from 4 to 27 years old. The two oldest normally aren’t with us, and when they are, it becomes even more confusing for those star...   More

  • Free!

    From this point I could possibly write most anything. If you are interested you would continue to read and if not, well, you wouldn’t. So my job is to keep your attention. And that is exactly what I plan to do! So what does free have to do with anything? I am glad you ask!

    Did you know there is a resource available that can strengthen believers, reach the lost, and change culture? That’s right! And it is free!   More

  • 6 Overviews of the New Testament Canon

    The following is a paper presented during graduate school at what was then known as Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. Why post differing views concerning the New Testament canon? I am glad you ask!

         The development of the New Testament Canon at first glance would appear to some as a possible basic definition of where the New Testament came from originally.  In this presentation we will show that there is truly not a precise answer to what appears to...   More

  • Growing Closer to God through Apologetics

    The Ratio Christi chapter at the University of North Carolina - Wilmington (UNCW) is one of our oldest chapters. It continues to produce students who have truly become ambassadors for Christ. Emma Gayle Hilton has proven herself to be such a student. Chapter Director Aaron Marshall explains why he presented her with the Legatus Christi Certificate – RC’s Ambassador Award (see photo of presentation at end of article)<...   More

  • “Intentional Discipleship” at Western Michigan University

    Daniel Moore, RC’s chapter director at Western Michigan University (WMU) says “intentional discipleship” is a primary objective of this Ratio Christi chapter. Having six students receive the Legatus Christi certificate in just two years is evidence they are meeting that objective. This recognition  — meaning Ambassador for Christ — is a challenge to the students to carry apologetics forward and to d...   More

  • The Kalam Cosmological Argument

    Here at The Cumulative Case, we are working towards developing the case for God's existence (and specifically the Christian God) from several different lines of argument.  In this post, I will introduce the Kalam Cosmological argument, as popularized by apologist Dr. William Lane Craig.

    (Note I have already talked about it in previous posts, such as here, but will introduce it anew.)

  • Ratio Christi's Vision for Reaching the Media

    Help Us Keep a Christian Voice on Campus

    by Sheryl Young, Media Outreach Coordinator

    (If you are not familiar with Ratio Christi, please see "About Us" first or watch the Introductory Video on our home page.)

    "Ratio Christi is what brought me back to faith in college. My junior and senior years of high school were filled with lots of doubt about my faith and wi...   More