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  • Is that Your Final answer?

    This is part four of an ongoing series about scripture and examples of apologetics in the Bible. You see, much of the opposition to apologetics come from within the church itself; believers. Dr. William Lane Craig states in his book, On Guard, that apologetics are used to strengthen the believer, reach the lost and change culture. Thus, if the opposition is coming from within, it would appear believers need to see and understand the Biblical mandate of apologetics. My personal goal in this...   More

  • Ratio Christi South-Africa Symposium 2016

    Introduction to RC - Simon Brace

    Evangelism - Simon Brace

    Spiritual Warfare - Simon Brace

    Death of Science - Reitze Rodseth

    Euthanasia - Reitze Rodseth

    In Defence of the Resurrection - Rudi de Beer

    Miracles - Rudi de Beer

    Engaging in the Cults - Prof Henk Stoker

    Textual Critisism - Nel Brace

    Justice - Nel Brace

    New Age Church - Daniel Maritz   More

  • "I Really Like Thanksgiving Because It's Not a Religious Holiday"

    At least that's what one person noted online. I breathed a quick "pffffft," stirred by the unique ignorance of the historical significance of the day and moved on. However, in the days since, my mind has repeatedly returned to the statement and itched me in a way I have been trying to understand how to scratch.

    Thanksgiving sans religion is a sentiment shared by many. The American Humanist Association   More

  • Hey Jude...the verse, not the song

    Many think the Book of Hebrews, is about a man making coffee. Okay, well, maybe not, but in my weak attempt at humor a lot of people have at least heard the joke. Something like all the disciples traveling in one car, you know, all of them in one Accord. Fine, I was hoping to be a little more light - hearted on a serious subject but, if you insist, what does any of this have to do with another blog about apologetic verses in the Bible? I am glad you ask!   More

  • Why Ratio Christi Matters? A Student Testimony

    By: Scott Halliwell, Sports Management Major, Winthrop University

    Today, the college campus is where many young people are faced with attacks on the reliability of Christian thought. Believers are faced with attacks in every way from the angle of science, philosophy, and even the nature of the truth. College ministries and churches alike are teaching us what we should (rightfully so) believe. In today’s environment; however, Christians must understand what they think, how the...   More

  • It isn't putting down...It's pointing out!

    What an easy opening paragraph day! The day after the “big” election. There are so many comments and opinions floating around today; one could literally just copy and paste a portion of them and have a book. Whether you are happy, sad, or don’t care who won or lost. Today is a new day! Rejoice, God is still in control, and I have written a new blog! So what does that have to do with putting down and pointing out? I am glad you ask!   More

  • "Apologetics Restored My Faith"

    From time to time, we get testimonies from our partner organizations who also work with students to share the tangible evidence they need to substantiate the Christian faith. This is one of those great stories, coming to us from Truth Matters Ministries (TMM). Portion reprinted with permission.

    by CALEB LEE

    If someone were to ask me, “When did you become a Christ...   More

  • Philosophies, Arguments, and “proud opinions”!

    One of the funniest memories I have of my daughter Ava was a statement she made concerning sitting on the couch. I had told her a couch was meant to sit on, and that climbing up and down from the couch was not an option. So one evening she was, of course, climbing up and down on the couch. I said, Ava, either stay on the couch or stay off the couch. In all seriousness of a three-year-old she looked at me and said, “are those my options?” So what does Ava and our couch have to do...   More

  • What Our College Students Are Dealing With on Campus Today - Audio

    Ratio Christi's International Director Tyler Geffeny and our Chapter Director Conor Anderson at UC San Diego were interviewed at White Horse Inn Radio by host Mike Horton. Horton established WHI more than twenty years ago in regular radio and it is now a very popular streaming Christian conservative program that airs each Sunday.

    This October 2016 discussion is a "must listen" for parents, grandparents, clergy, and church members. Scroll down right on this page...   More

  • One always comes before two...

    Have you ever heard the saying “you are putting the cart ahead of the horse?” Most have, but if not, it is an idiom meaning one is probably doing things in the wrong order. Yes, I know the next question, how do we know the correct order? Just go with me here, it is only an example for this particular blog. Anyway, now that we have that cleared up, what does the cart and horse have to do with one coming before two? I am glad you ask!
    Over the next few weeks, I will be writ...   More

  • Help Ratio Christi Share Our Mission on Television!

    Exciting Opportunity!
    You can help Ratio Christi get on television. A valuable first-time chance has arisen for Ratio Christi to have an "RC-TV" outreach. We are now reaching millions of people all over the world! We premiered our streaming and satellite program, "Truth Matters," in mid-January, 2017. At left is a photo of the show's host, RC's own Tony Gurule, and our Boosters Director Julie Loos in one of the first installments. 

    You,...   More

  • Videos and Slideshow from RC's 2016 Symposium and Student Retreat

    We have some great photos from Ratio Christi's Sixth Annual Symposium and Student Retreat which took place near Charlotte, North Carolina in October 2016. This is the one weekend, open to the public, where Ratio Christi staff, field representatives, and students gather to take part in a wide collection of seminars, informative sessions, and break-out discussions on a wide variety of apologetics and practical ministry implementation topics. Some of RC's folks also at...   More

  • Becoming All Things to All People with Apologetics

    “Apologetics is something that is integrated into my faith, so in a sense I am always doing it. It is the way that I love God with all of my mind. So I would never want to stop.”

    These are exciting words from Jessica Thompson about using our minds along with our heartfelt faith. Jessica is the outgoing student president of Ratio Christi at Rutgers University. Upon graduating this past spring, she was acknowle...   More