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  • Random thoughts and notes on Moral Relativism

    Concern for church!! Spirit of age is relativism

    Personal preference…. truth is relative to the subject who believes them

    Moral rules exist whether we believe them or not

    It is about going face to face, not just loving that is easy!

    Jesus was one of the most intolerant and confrontational.

    People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care = cop out!!!

    Gospel is offensive!

    Confidence in the pew, s...   More

  • On Suffering, Evil, and the Goodness of God: Some Basics

    Why do you make me look at injustice?

         Why then do you tolerate the treacherous? Why are you silent while the wicked swallow up those more righteous than themselves? 

         ~Habakkuk 1:3

    We can ignore it by sweeping through our so-called newsfeed, or get lost in a screen somewhere, whether a movie, video game, or something similar.  We can ignore it or bury it with drugs, sex, pornography, fant...   More

  • Podcast! Overcoming Objections to Moral Relativism

    A basic overview of how to overcome objections to moral relativism.   More

  • Podcast blog! Morals and Moral Relativism

    The following coincides with yesterday's and tomorrows podcast. However, it was not written by me! This writing comes from worksheets designed to go along with the book Feet Firmly Planted in Mid - Air Relativism: Baker Books 1998, written by Francis J. Beckwith and Gregory Koukl.   More


    Testimony time! This guest post is written by Ken Klos, who is an apologist wtih Reasons to Believe, an apologetics ministry which focuses on the intersection between Science and Faith, and a partner with Ratio Christi.  

    By Ken Klos, RTB Apologist:

    I grew up as a Christian, and I never doubted that I believed in Jesus as my Lord and Savior.  But I can remember telling my parents that I believed in evolution “be...   More


    Today's Guest Post is brought to you by Eric Chabot, Ratio Christi Chapter Director at The Ohio State University.  

    DISCLAIMER: From what I gather, atheists and skeptics have told me “Well, I never bring up the arguments to theists that are mentioned in this post. Thus, no atheist or skeptic that I know would bring up these objections.” My response: This is based on my experience from the last 12 years of doing apologetics on a major college campus. So whether...   More

  • A Chilled Out Approach to Sharing Your Faith

    Stumbling, tumbling, rumbling, and bent over, we reached the top. My lungs bursting, and veins pulsating in my throat from exhaustion and high altitude, I felt an exuberance at the panoramic view on top of Mt. Mitchell in western North Carolina.  Mt. Mitchell is the highest mountain east of the Mississippi.  My friend Tim, a theologian and a writer, and I hiked 5.6 miles to the top.  The scene from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers plays over and over in my mind: the figh...   More

  • Podcast - How to Overcome Objections to the Bible

    An overview of overcoming common objections to the Bible.   More

  • The Reliability of the Bible

    I have always been a little hesitant in buying a used car. Typically, you never truly know the history of the car. I know, in today’s world we have many ways of researching cars. But it still made me a little weary. I liked the reliability of the new car warranty. Most used cars have a limited warranty. The preference of the new car over a used has changed over the past few years. In fact, I have bought more than one used car. It was that first step, that first purchase, that helped o...   More

  • Podcast! The Reliability of the Bible

    An overview of why we can trust the Bible as reliable when compared to any other historical writing.   More

  • Why Your Children Do Not Need Apologetics: A Response

    This post is reblogged from Think Apologetics by Eric Chabot, Ratio Christi Chapter Director at The Ohio State University.  It was briefly edited by Chris Van Allsburg and has some slight variations from the original. 

    Cindy Brandt, writing at the Patheos site recently explained her misgivings about apologetics for c...   More

  • Spend Time with Ratio Christi in South Africa!

    Greetings with Photos and Videos from our International Team in South Africa! 

    Simon Brace is Regional Director of Ratio Christi in South Africa where he also serves as RC's Chapter Director at the North West University in Potchefstroom. We've previously brought you news of their 2016 Symposium and the establishment of the chapter...   More

  • Ratio Christi is now on Campus at world-famous Moody Bible Institute!

    Ratio Christi is starting a campus chapter at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, considered one of the nation's premier Bible colleges. Bob Clapper is our regional director for Illinois. He lives in Wheaton, near the Windy City, and he explains what led up to this opportunity.   More

  • What Is Relativism?

    The following article is taken in part from the book, Right For You, But Not For Me, A Response To Moral Relativism by Steven Garofalo. Used with permission.

    The year was 1999, and I had just moved to Charlotte, N.C. from Washington, D.C. where I grew up. I joined the YMCA and one of the first people I met at the “Y” was a gentleman named Kent (not his real name). Kent was in his mid-5...   More

  • Salvation - Podcast!

    An overview of salvation in Orthodox Christianity. What do I need to believe and confess?   More

  • Common Essentials that cause Division - Podcast

    This episode contains common essentials that cause division within Orthodox Christianity.   More

  • Ratio Christi Offers Students a Chance to Study at Oxford Study Centre in England!

    Ratio Christi is pleased to announce a partnership with The Oxford Study Centre (OSC) in Oxford, England. This is a study abroad program combining a unique worldview approach with the academic strengths of Oxford.

    The Centre fosters scholarly virtues and skills for the sake of church and culture, seeking to propel students forward as capable and significant Christian voices in their respective disciplines and professio...   More

  • Get an Advance Copy of a New Book and Chance to Win $50 Worth of Apologetics Books!

    Enter our Drawing!

    Ratio Christi is joining with award-winning author and speaker Pamela Christian in a random giveaway in celebration of the launch of her newest book Revive Your Life! Rest for Your Anxious Heart. Every contest entrant will receive a PDF advance copy of the book. Recipients who post an honest review of the book according to the contest rules will be...   More