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  • Indiana Ohio Ratio Christi Student Retreat

    On Saturday September 16th, 2017 students and staff from Indiana and Ohio held their 2nd annual chapter retreat.  This year it was held in Kokomo, Indiana home of Indiana University Kokomo.

    Students and staff came from Ashland University in Ashland, Ohio, Indiana University Kokomo, I.U.P.U.I. in Indianapolis, Purdue University Main Campus in West Lafayette, IN, Purdue Northwest in Hammond, Indiana near Chicagoland for pizza, fun, training, inspiration, and ice cream at t...   More

  • Always be prepared...

    People don't typically like to look or feel stupid. Stupid may be a little harsh but, I am not sure how else to say it? Consider you are part of a group, oh let's go extreme, Westboro Baptist, I would think many would find it stupid to tell people they were a part of such a fanatical group. Maybe not. But for the most part looking stupid is not a goal of the typical individual. So, what does this have to do with always being prepared? I am glad you ask!   More

  • What is the Goal of Apologetics?

    As we continue some short posts in preparation for next week's nationwide Apologetics Awareness Week (Sept 10-17), I am often told by folks who really don't understand the goal of apologetics or the purpose of apologetics that apologetics is divisive. Many think it is about winning an argument.  But this posting is going to show that apologetics has a broader purpose than winning a debate in a formal setting, or demo...   More

  • Building up the Church...

    I have coached both of my older daughters in softball and now my son in baseball. Most people who have done this know the parents are usually the hardest part of coaching. The kids are fun and eager to learn but, the parents, there is something always wrong. Either their son/daughter didn’t play enough, played the wrong position, or the parent had to work the concession stand, to name a few. It comes with the territory. But that isn’t the problem. The problem is telling all thei...   More

  • Why is Apologetics Important and Necessary?

    Continuing on into the Apologetics Awareness Week, let me share with you why I believe apologetics is very important and very necessary for Christians and for the Church today. Here is my "ugly statement." Believers who would like to be effective in their evangelism and discple-making must understand three reasons why apologetics is important and necessary for Christians and the Church. 

    ...   More

  • Leaving Mormonism: New Book from Ratio Christi President Dr. Corey Miller

    Many of my family and friends are still Mormon. I love them dearly; I love the Mormon people.  In fact, Mormonism has been in my family since 1836. My great, great, great grandfather was Joseph Smith's personal body guard! But, I left Mormonism. Why? As President of the fastest-growing campus ministry in the United States, and as an adjunct professor of philosophy and comparative religions at Indiana University, I am pleased to announce my new book,   More

  • Could this be your child?

    Most people have heard the statement, especially concerning their children, "it could/would never happen to me/my kids. Unfortunately, all too often, it does happen. Whatever it may be, it happens. Typically, "it" is something bad. In this case, "it" is the worst scenario that could happen to a Christian parent. What is "it" that I am speaking? I am glad you ask!   More

  • What is an Apologist?

    What is an Apologist?

    LYNCHBURG, VA—When you scroll through an article in the daily news, you may come across this word and think, "What the heck is an apologist?"1 Because of its modern usage, one may (understandably) have a bad connotation associated seeing this word. In fact, you most likely first saw the term while reading an emotionally charged new...   More