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  • Share the Gospel? What is the Gospel?

    “Hello, can I help you to press hard four copies” were part of an entire conversation I was taught during Air Force recruiting school. Not only was I taught the “opening” and “closing” of the conversation, I learned how to overcome objections, telephone prospecting and creating presentations. The complete “sales” process in six short weeks. It was more stressful than air traffic control school. But it worked. I was given part of the “sal...   More

  • Theistic Evolution - Part 1 - What is the Issue?

    Contributed by Stephen J. Huxley

    Christians today are bombarded with information and ideas that must be evaluated through scripture. Some ideas tend to be easy to evaluate, while others prove more challenging. One such challenging issue is theistic evolution. Because it contains the word theistic it could be assumed that God takes a central role. However, the majority view of theistic evolution sees God involved only at the beginning of a cosmic e...   More

  • On Joel Peterson: "My Enemy's Enemy Is My Ally?"

    As my colleague Caleb recently noted at his blog, what we call "American Christianity" should not be assumed to be synonymous with a pure representation of historical biblical Christian faith. One of many complicating factors for generally conservative evangelicals, such as myself, is that much of the political right shares social values which overlap or seem to largely agree with biblical values. For examples, both political conservatives and biblical Christians might agree to some notion...   More

  • Meet Treston our President

    This week's interview subject is Treston Smith - our club President. Treston is our most senior member having joined the club as a freshman nearly four years ago. He is majoring in Psychology and is due to graduate this spring. He has applied to several graduate programs. Watch to hear how he became stronger in his faith and what apologetic topics he thinks are the most interesting. Hint - tune in to hear his thoughts on the problem of evil, the doctrine of hell, and a discussion of ann...   More

  • 5 Objections to Christianity

    I was “saved” a little over 12 years ago. It was not my choice. In fact, I did not want anything to do with Christianity. I did not like the people that professed to be Christians. However, when I was about 20 years old something moved in my heart. Looking back, I would give credit to that being the Holy Spirit. But, I refused to act on that “feeling” I had in my heart. 21 years later I was living the dream. Money, job, life! Yet, the “feeling” remained a...   More

  • Debate: God & Morality; What is the best account of objective moral values and duties?

    Our culture is constantly pushing back against traditional Christian morals and values, and evermore so today. More and more people are wondering how the God of the Bible could exist given the amount of evil in the world, or that the Bible appears to endorse slavery and the oppression of women. Of course, underlying all of these questions is whether God is even necessary for us to derive our morals from. If you are wrestling with these questions, and would like solid answers, the NC State S...   More

  • Meet Savannah - our club VP

    This week's interview subject is Savannah Burrus - our club Vice President and Chaplain. She is from Forney, TX. She is a film major and is set to graduate in 202x-ish as she says in the video. haha. Watch to hear how she became stronger in her Christian convictions, why she is interested in Christian apologetics, and what parts of the Christian faith and culture make her uncomfortable. Then, enjoy questions from club members off-camera as we explore the moral argument, social contracts...   More