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  • What is Ratio Christi? Who We are and What we do!

    Ratio Christi began at Appalachian State University in the spring of 2008 as the Reasonable Faith Apologetics Club. By July of 2008, the group became known as Ratio Christi. By the Fall of 2009, Ratio Christi had chapters at Appalachian State, UNC Charlotte, NC State, Ohio State, and Texas A&M. Since that time chapters have expanded to other universities around the nation, and in the Spring of 2010 Ratio Christi went international with a chapter established in South Africa at North-West...   More

  • It Takes Persistence to be an Ambassador for Christ

    Ryan Crews is the first Legatus Christi recipient we are introducing our readers to this spring. The Legatus Christi Certificate is our recognition to students who are outstanding pupils of apologetics and who apply it on and off campus. 

    Ryan is receiving this special designation as an LC recipient for starting and leading a successful apologetics club at his university.

    Glenn Smith, RC’s regional director for the state where Ryan goes to school, ha...   More

  • Apologists Needed! We're Hiring!

    Exciting ministry opportunities for those with apologetics training

    Become one of the next leaders in the student apologetics club movement -- Start a Ratio Christi chapter at a university near you.

    Ratio Christi has a goal of opening apologetics clubs on at least 500 universities over the next five years. Every one of these clubs needs a trained apologist to serve as chapter director. That means there is an opportunity for at least 500 well trained apologists to equip Chr...   More

  • Teaching and Training the Church

    In the past couple of weeks, I have discussed that we, as Christians, are told to share the gospel and make disciples. I started with what is the gospel and last week provided examples of objections, to make a point of course, related to the gospels alone.   More

  • Are the Gospel Reliable? 11 Objections

    In my never-ending quest to convince my brothers and sisters in Christ of the importance of apologetics, today, I will present 11 claims of supposed contradictions in the New Testament gospels. To help us get started, for those that do not know, the gospels are technically anonymous. However, there is evidence to support our knowledge of who the gospel writers really were.   More

  • How We Train Our Chapter Directors For College Campus Ministry

    In February 2018, our Staff Development Director Tony Feiger and his team headed down to Orlando, Florida, for the latest chapter director training. We interviewed Tony for the first time about one of these training sessions. The people that attend come from within our ranks, whether they just signed up to lead a college chapter or are returning for a refresher, like some of our regional directors and national staff....   More