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  • Church...we have a problem

    I have had the opportunity over the past couple of weeks to speak to a group of individuals at a church and another group at a church camp. The average age at the church was probably fifty or above and those at camp were high school students. Church, we have a problem! If you do not believe me, then you need to at least ask yourself, and others, some questions. It does not matter if you know the answers. Well, it does, but to make a point for now, just ask the questions. Start with why are...   More

  • Scripture Supporting Apologetics | The End of the Series

    I have decided to end this series of scripture supporting apologetics today. I have reviewed four New Testament verses and three Old Testament verses. I could continue until further notice. There is so much support and examples of apologetics within the Bible I feel it should now be obvious to most readers of this blog.┬áMy point has been well documented throughout this series. The Bible indeed supports apologetics.   More

  • How Should a Christian View Israel? | Part 1

    One component of effective apologetics is to have a working understanding of the major stakeholders within biblical history. We readily recall the forming of the nation of Israel through Jacob (Genesis 32). What can be more difficult is understanding how to view the nation of Israel through the lens of the New Testament, especially within its historical, cultural, and political settings. Ratio Christi's Chapter Director at Ohio State Un...   More

  • RC at Ohio State U takes the Great Commission to Neighboring Community College

    Ohio State University is considered the largest residential university in the United States, with over 60,000 students. The collegiate demographic is a melting pot of American and international students representing a panorama of various ethnic groups, religions, cultures, and diverse worldviews among them.

    Ratio Christi's chapter at OSU, under the seasoned and experienced leadership of Chapter Director Eric Chabot ...   More