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  • RC President Corey Miller on Popular "Eric Metaxas Show"

    Because we had been attempting to coordinate our President Corey Miller and streaming radio host Eric Metaxas to get together for so long, we thought we'd share some snippets from their long-awaited October 23, 2018 interview with our readers. To hear the whole interview, go here at The Eric Metaxas show where Corey comes on at about the 20 minute mark. Here are a few labeled 3...   More

  • Oprah's New Spirituality Not Really New

    by Anna Kitko, Ratio Christi Regional Director for Tennessee and South Carolina  

    Oprah Winfrey once provided a candid interview at the headquarters of her Hollywood studios television network (OWN). The topic: Oprah’s spiritual beliefs. We take notice because these beliefs are representative of the so-called “New S...   More

  • Heaven, Hell, and Halloween

    Happy(?) Halloween

    Do you celebrate Halloween? Does your church shy away from it or even strongly forbid it? There are a variety of views on this topic.

    A LOT of people celebrate it, obviously. Several news sources say that Americans spend 8 to 9 billion dollars on Halloween food, drinks, costumes, and decorations.
    What IS Halloween?

    Halloween is a shortened form of the phrase All Hallows Eve.
    November 1st is the Feast of All Saints (All Hall...   More

  • The Perceived Problem of Science and Faith | Part 1: Putting Faith in its Place

    Corey Miller, Ratio Christi CEO and President

    Science and faith are hot topics. There are scores of books, articles, and videos covering how they relate to each other. Perhaps your interest is in learning more for yourself. Or perhaps you would like to be better prepared to weigh in while talking with friends or colleagues. This is a three part series that will help you understand the relationship between faith and science. This first article addresses the very nat...   More

  • Do We Not Understand or Just Not Care?

    Last week I discussed not using the bible and quoting scripture to the lost. I’m not sure I made the point I was attempting to make which was basically the Bible itself states the lost do not understand. Yet, for some reason, be it reformed theology or presuppositional apologetics, or whatever, for some reason we still want to quote scripture to non-believers. And sadly, often out of context.   More

  • Classical Challenges and Arguments For Christianity

    The October 22nd Meeting was on Classical Arguments for Christianity, and was posed around three common challenges to Christianity:

    • The Problem of Pain
    • The reliability/historicity of Scripture
    • The evidence for the resurrection of Jesus

    Here is the slideshow from that meeting.

    Of course, it doesn't capture the excellent discussion. For that, you will have to come visit us - Monday nights at 6:30 PM in CFS 123.

    E...   More

  • Kennesaw State University Removes Restrictive “Speech Zones” for Ratio Christi Chapter


    INDIAN TRAIL, N.C., October 22, 2018 – Through a lawsuit last February, the Kennesaw State University chapter of Ratio Christi Campus Apologetics Alliance has prompted KSU to change its “speech zones” policies. On several occasions, KSU had relegated Ratio Christi’s pro-life displays to be presented in a “speech zone” that made up less than 0.08 percent of the...   More

  • Stop Using the Bible and Quoting Scripture!

    Last week, on the RC Talk podcast, I discussed two reasons concerning why we, as Christians, are not sharing the truth. The first being if no one is upset with you, then you are not talking to anyone, and second, if you are talking to people about truth they will have questions. I have not heard of anyone being upset with any Christian’s, except me of course, and if most were being asked questions, apologetics would be a lot more popular!   More

  • Film For Thought

    Our October 15th Meeting featured our second Film for Thought. 

    We let the attendees vote between the Case for Christ - the story of Lee Strobel's conversion and C. S. Lewis On Stage - The Most Reluctant Convert - the story of C. S. Lewis's conversion. 

    The group voted for the C. S. Lewis movie. Thanks to Treston Smith for purchasing the DVD last Spring when we all went to Houston to view this play live. 

    Here is our slideshow from the meeti...   More

  • 2018 Fall Schedule

    Dates and Topics

    9 - 20 - 2018 - Beauty and Brokenness
    9 - 27 - 2018 - Beauty and Brokenness Pt. 2 - Christopher Yuan’s Nature vs. Nurture DVD
    10 - 4 - 2018 - Classic Argument
    10 - 11 - 2018 - Questions Session

    Switch to Monday Nights at 6:30 PM CFS 123.

    10 - 15 - 2018 - Film for Thought
    10 - 22 - 2018 - Halloween - Reformation Discussion - ScrewTape!
    10 - 29 - 2018 - Classic A...   More

  • What chu talk'n bout Willis?

    Don't use words too big for the subject. Don't say "infinitely" when you mean "very"; otherwise you'll have no word left when you want to talk about something really infinite.  - C.S. Lewis   More

  • Awaken the Dawn

    On Friday during our normal meeting time we had the pleasure of joining the Awaken the Dawn movement and praying under the tent on campus with some really nice local folks we'd never met before.  It was such a blessing to be there.  We went back and forth between singing songs and praying.  The worship time together was so much fun!  Thank you to the event organizers who made it possible, and to all our regular attenders - all of whom came.   More