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  • Lawsuit prompts Colorado university to change policy, protect students’ freedoms


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    Lawsuit prompts Colorado university to change policy, protect students’ freedoms

    ADF attorneys representing Ratio Christi secure settlement restoring students’ free speech, association

    COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. May 14, 2019 // -- The University of Colorado, Colorado Springs has settled a lawsuit with Ratio Christi and agreed to...   More

  • Professors as Purveyors of Wonder - Part 2

    In my previous post, we discussed the nature of wonder. I argued that wonder propels us on our journey toward truth, and ultimately to the source of truth, which is God. This understanding of wonder has profound implications for us as university professors. We’re already moved by wonder (or at least we once were), and as educators, we can be used by God to awaken in othe...   More

  • Professors as Purveyors of Wonder - Part 1

    By Dr. Paul Gould

    The ancient philosophers thought the human impulse to seek understanding begins in wonder. We look at the world before us and it stirs within us a desire to know: first the truth about the moon, or stars, or humans, or ants, and second, we begin to wonder about the meaning behind it all, and the source of it all. Wonder is a distinctly human capacity, it is the “hallmark of our species and the central feature of the human spirit.&rd...   More

  • The Scrolls From 100 BC That Describe Jesus

    Whether you believe Jesus was the messiah or even that he was a complete myth, it’s indisputable that Jesus of Nazareth is one of the most influential characters in recorded history. He is unique among the philosophers, sages and other influencers of history in that he didn’t just describe a good philosophy but himself embodied the core of his message; that he would die, taking on the punishment for everything we’ve done wrong, and would rise again in victory over it provi...   More