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  • It Takes Persistence to be an Ambassador for Christ

    Ryan Crews is the first Legatus Christi recipient we are introducing our readers to this spring. The Legatus Christi Certificate is our recognition to students who are outstanding pupils of apologetics and who apply it on and off campus. 

    Ryan is receiving this special designation as an LC recipient for starting and leading a successful apologetics club at his university.

    Glenn Smith, RC’s regional director for the state where Ryan goes to school, ha...   More

  • How We Train Our Chapter Directors For College Campus Ministry

    In February 2018, our Staff Development Director Tony Feiger and his team headed down to Orlando, Florida, for the latest chapter director training. We interviewed Tony for the first time about one of these training sessions. The people that attend come from within our ranks, whether they just signed up to lead a college chapter or are returning for a refresher, like some of our regional directors and national staff....   More

  • Ratio Christi Apologetics Spreads into Pakistan

    Pastor Zia Ul Masih is our Ratio Christi leader in Pakistan. He completed his theological education in the city of Lahore. His name means “Light of Jesus.”

    His parents are Christians, and his family are among the mere two percent of the Christian Pakistani population. The remaining 98 percent of the population are Muslims.

    "But it is not a closed country," he says. "The government knows Christians are meeting and holding worship services."

    Zia introduc...   More

  • Ratio Christi Offers Students a Chance to Study at Oxford Study Centre in England!

    Ratio Christi is pleased to announce a partnership with The Oxford Study Centre (OSC) in Oxford, England. This is a study abroad program combining a unique worldview approach with the academic strengths of Oxford.

    The Centre fosters scholarly virtues and skills for the sake of church and culture, seeking to propel students forward as capable and significant Christian voices in their respective disciplines and professi...   More

  • "Apologetics Made Me a Much Better Thinker" 

    Zachary Lawson accidentally “stumbled into apologetics” while investigating something quite different:

    "During the 2012 election, there were a few high profile ballot initiatives to decriminalize cannabis [marijuana], most notably in Washington and Colorado," he says. "I was familiar with all of the popular talking points and I wanted to hear something new. One morning, I was looking for the Libertarian publication Reason Magazine to get an alternativ...   More

  • RC Chapter at Ashland University

    We have a vibrant Ratio Christi student apologetics alliance chapter at Ashland University in Ohio. In addition to being academically rigorous in discussions about the history, science and philosophy that supports the Bible as truth, you will find us to be very warm and hospitable. For now, please find the meeting day, time, location and contact person on our Facebook page.  


  • Top Ten Reasons to Support Ratio Christi

    Please take the rest of the holiday season as your opportunity to help Ratio Christi bring our Vision onto school campuses:

    Thoughtful Christianity—Transforming Lives on Campus Today, Changing Culture Tomorrow.

    Through December 31, you can help us match an offered Grant up to $22,000! Here are the Top Ten Reasons why you might consider Ratio Christi for your holiday season giving:

    1. Ratio Christi defends truth and...   More

  • #GivingTuesday Reminder - Would You End Your Holiday Season Giving with Us?

    November 28 was #GivingTuesday -- it may be gone, but it kicked off the rest of the holiday season as your opportunity to help Ratio Christi bring our Vision onto school campuses: 

    Thoughtful Christianity—Transforming Lives on Campus Today, Changing Culture Tomorrow.

    #GivingTuesday is a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration. Celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving in the U.S., it kicks off the charit...   More

  • Thankful to God and Ratio Christi, with a Focus on Jesus

    RC’s chapter director Greg Walker currently leads the founding chapter of Ratio Christi – our chapter at Appalachian State University (ASU). Since 2008, the chapter has had several re-inventions but has always been a model for the growth of RC, consistently producing outstanding apologetics students.

    Walker happily tells us about Caleb Itterly - the latest Legatus Christi recipient --   More

  • Ratio Christi's Presence at Important Conferences Produces Exciting Results

    Student Hails Ratio Christi as "An Island in a Dark River" during a national conference! 

    So many conferences, so little time!

    Our Ratio Christi staff members and field representatives are always out hosting display tables at events and speaking to groups at conferences. If we do not already have a presence in a certain city, our people will often travel to get there. Many of our leaders are so passionate about our ministry to college and high school...   More

  • Millennials Losing Knowledge of God and Faith

    In Late October and early November 2017, RC's Director of College Prep Michael C. Sherrard did a series of written, video and audio interviews on the topic of Millennials - the generation of 15-to-30-year olds, and why they're losing faith in Christianity and they have no knowledge of God. He calls listeners and readers to be aware that discipleship of this generation (born between 1987 and 2002) has been shallow to non-existent, and what can be done to improve the numbers of young...   More

  • 10 Tips from a Church Leader to Get Apologetics Accepted in the Church

    From the website "Dyer Thoughts: Coffee Table Apologetics" by Billy Dyer. Reprinted with permission.

    Chances are if you are reading this blog post then you are interested in apologetics at some level. Also, it could be that you consider yourself an apologist and love to teach this stuff. But we have all run into "THE PROBLEM"! That is, the local church doesn't share our same passion for Apologetics and even lo...   More

  • Ratio Christi Event at Winthrop Gets Covered by School Newspaper

    RC's October 2017 event at Winthrop University received coverage in the School Newspaper, The Johnsonian. The event featured author/apologist Frank Turek presenting evidence for Christ from his book I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist. The coverage was very positive, ending with the statement, "If atheists in the room didn’t have faith by the end of the event, at least they...   More

  • The New Movie 'Let There Be Light' is Coming to a Theater near You!

    Ratio Christi is excited to be part of a networking team to promote the upcoming movie, Let There Be Light. Directed by actor Kevin Sorbo (Hercules, God’s Not Dead and numerous other TV and movie projects), the film stars Kevin and his wife Sam, their two sons Braeden and Shane, and features Dionne Warwick, Michael Franzese, Travis Tritt, Daniel Roebuck, Gary Grubbs, and Donielle Artese. Execut...   More

  • “I Didn’t Have to Look for a Purpose – I Had It in Jesus”

    “I attended a high school youth group. During this time of my life, however, I was ignoring my faith and drifting away from God. As a result, I was not engaged or eager to learn about the Christian faith.”

    So says Jordan Andershock, but God had a plan for him. Jordan went on to become interested in apologetics. He later joined Ratio Christi at the University of Tennessee Knoxville (UTK ), became student presiden...   More