How to Respond

It is not logical to ask religions to coexist or tolerate one another. Virtually all religions disagree on significant aspects of their world views. It is relatively simple to show that religions contradict one another and cannot both be true. Muslims say there is only one deity and that Jesus was just a prophet. It also claims that other religions are incorrect corruptions of the one true way. Christians say that God is triune and that Jesus was God. Jesus Himself claimed exclusivity (John 14:6). If it can be proven that even two religions cannot coexist, then the entire coexistence argument begins to crumble. If the argument is made that the religious adherents should coexist by tolerating one another. Again, one must simply look to Islam and Christianity, both of which command the believer to make converts.

Many people who make this statement don’t really care that all religions contradict, however. They would simply ask you to drop the aspects of your religion that contradict. They often see these exclusive elements as offensive.