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Director of Marketing

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Director of Marketing

Reports to: Chief Operating Officer Position type: Full-time employee 

Job Overview

The Director of Marketing plays a key role in promoting the brand and impact of the Ratio Christi ministry and in attracting new team members and donors who align with our mission, by planning, directing, and coordinating Ratio Christi’s marketing efforts. 

Key Responsibilities and Duties


Develop and successfully implement a comprehensive marketing strategy for Ratio Christi 

Promote and maintain a consistent and clear brand and message across all forms of communication 

Foster engagement with our supporters and external constituents via email or other communications 

Generate a high number of quality leads for potential donors and potential team members 

Coordinate with our recruiting team on marketing and communication efforts at external conferences 

Support our CEO and Advancement team in their engagement with external donors and partners 

Website and Social Media 

Develop and continually improve a world-class web and social media presence for ratiochristi.org 

Develop and continually improve our internal website to support our team RCInternal.org 

Provide exceptional support to chapter directors with their promotions and marketing needs 

Oversee the creation of digital, video, audio and print content 


▪ Maintain a high level of integrity and the attitude of a servant leader that honors Christ and our ministry 

Participate in management and company staff meetings as required by policy and/or supervisor 

Perform any additional tasks or projects not described above as deemed necessary by the COO 

 Candidate Specifications

The ideal candidate for this position is: 

Passionately committed to the advancement of the Gospel and the mission of Ratio Christi 

Experienced in developing and successfully implementing a comprehensive marketing strategy for ministry 

A team-player able to work with, and contribute to the success of, other department leaders 

Experienced in leading teams and groups to meet objectives and key results 

Knowledgeable and experienced in website design and SEO 

Knowledgeable and experienced in the effective use of social media and digital marketing 

▪ Highly skilled in written and oral communication 

Educated via a Bachelor’s or post-graduate degree in Marketing 

Knowledgeable in apologetics (preferred but not required) 

A successful Director of Marketing & Communications will ensure that Ratio Christi grows in its external impact & growth as a ministry, and fosters powerful alignment & community among all team members. For further inquiry, email info@ratiochristi.org.