Ratio Christi Employment Opportunity

Regional Director (RD) – Alaska


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The Ratio Christi (RC) Regional Director (RD) is an employee that has operational oversight for the chapter directors (CDs) and Ratio Christi College Prep (RCCP) mentors that are in their assigned geography and is the senior representative for RC in their region. In addition to this oversight, the RD also acts as a liaison between field components and the national staff, is responsible for status updates on RC data bases, assists in chapter formation tasks related to the assigned region, performs related duties as assigned by the Vice President, Campus Operations, and promotes the RC mission in their region. The RD also promotes positive morale with the CDs in their region. The duties of an RD will also necessitate travel to campus venues in their region where the RD will represent RC but most RDs office from home, campus, or coffee shop.

General Responsibilities:

  1. Maintain a consistent and growing walk with Jesus Christ.
  2. Advance the mission, vision, and values of Ratio Christi.
  3. Be willing to participate in development of financial support partners (salary; expenses) with faculty, alumni, churches, etc. and encouraging CDs in such.
  4. Supervises and RC mentor field operations in region (e.g. CDs/RCCPM)
  5. Shares the vision of Ratio Christi at various events on a regular basis specifically one conference and at one seminary for recruitment annually.
  6. Is communications liaison between RC national staff, Vice President, Campus Operations, and local CDs via the RD’s 1st and 3rd Thursday 9:30 p.m EST Video conference calls with other RDs and Vice President, Campus Operations.
  7. Updates RC databases to reflect the current status of chapters and contacts
  8. Works with the National Chapter Formation (Aaron Marshall) on staff applications in your region in the hiring process, reading applications, and references.
  9. Leads training sessions as needed with Symposiums, SymposiaChristi, …, where appropriate.
  10. Supports the CD in their campus ministry mission minimally via a monthly phone call with prayer, an annual visit, and an annual regional CD retreat.
  11. Attends the Annual RC Symposium currently connected with ETS and EPS.
  12. Maintains healthy contact with partner liaisons like IVCF, Cru, RZIM, Veritas, others.

Needed Skills:

Proven interpersonal leadership and/or apologetics/ministry experience. Excellent interpersonal skills (written, verbal, interactive). Satisfactory ability to operate needed computer systems. Satisfactory ability to navigate social media platforms.


Limited travel in region to meet with RC employees and travel is expected for required training. There is an expectation that the RD will attend the annual RC Symposium which will involve travel.