Dear Readers,

There's so much exciting news about what Ratio Christi is accomplishing through the teaching of apologetics to college and high school students, the networking and inroads we are experiencing with schools, churches, families and communities, and the expansion of strategic alliances with new and possible partner organizations.

Every piece of exciting news comes with the challenge of a need and the opportunity to meet that need -- a need to fulfill the expectations of how Ratio Christi can have a positive effect toward stopping the "campus craziness" that's going on at schools today.

What does "campus craziness" mean? There is a movement at colleges to expunge the Christian -- and even just the conservative -- worldview from education. If this happens, it will have a domino effect in our society. Today's students are our future professors, teachers, philosophers, scientists, lawyers, judges, theologians, politicians, and doctors. We've already begun experiencing the effects of a post-Judeo-Christian education because of the high ratio of secular professors over the last twenty to thirty years. It only takes one generation for a society to adapt to a whole new way of life and set of standards. 

But Ratio Christi is turning the tide in academia with a Renaissance of Christian Thinking. 

One of the ways we must do this today is by keeping up with technology.  Using technology is a favorite pastime of our young people and also a tremendous tool to reach the world. Keeping technology on our side could make the domino effect lean in our favor. We could give you 260,000 reasons why we need to keep up with technology.

Here are half of those reasons: Ratio Christi has recently been given two amazing opportunities: A $55,000 technology matching grant and a $75,000 general giving challenge. You can help us turn this half into the whole! Match these and turn $130,000 into $260,000!

School may be out right now, but RC works full time. Don't let your giving take a vacation this summer.  Please donate to our technology needs and help us meet this challenge and grant!