Here's The Good News That's Combatting the Sad News on Campus. Read on and Receive a Free Gift.

Dear Readers,

What's the saddest statement about today's college students? They have no memory of the gospel.

In his book "Meet Generation Z," James Emery White states,


They do not know what the Bible says. They do not know the basics of Christian belief or theology. They do not know what the cross is about. They do not know what it means to worship. But their spiritual illiteracy is deeper than that. They are more than post-Christian. They don't even have a memory of the gospel.1

But there's so much exciting news about what Ratio Christi is accomplishing through the teaching of apologetics to college and high school students, the inroads we are experiencing with schools, churches, families and communities, and the expansion of strategic alliances with partner organizations. We had to share it with you and invite you to help us combat the issues on campus.

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Every piece of exciting news comes with a need and the opportunity to meet that need. Because we work with students, we want to meet some of our needs before school is back in session!

Ratio Christi has recently been given two amazing opportunities: A $55,000 technology matching grant, and a $75,000 general challenge. That’s a total of $130,000. If we match these amounts with your help, we can turn it into $260,000!

You may be asking, “Why should I give at this time?”

Ratio Christi is working over the summer to fulfill the expectations of how we can have a positive effect toward stopping the "campus craziness" that's going on at schools today.

What's "campus craziness"? There has been a very successful movement in academia among school administrators and secular/atheist professors to remove the Christian worldview from education and teach that “there is no absolute truth.” These professors outnumber their conservative/Christian colleagues by 23:1.

As a result, this worldly thinking has filtered down to the students. The new definition of “tolerance” is backfiring. Students are rioting to keep Christianity and conservative speakers completely off school grounds. See this video for more details on "campus craziness."

But Ratio Christi is contending with this sad news in academia by creating a Renaissance of Christian Thinking on campus. Our students are being strengthened in their own faith and going forth as capable evangelists, endearing and attracting both believers and nonbelievers on and off campus.

One of the ways we must draw more students is by keeping up with the technology our young people enjoy using. Technology is also a tremendous tool to reach the world. This means we can’t take a vacation from providing more proficient and attention-getting technical features for our weekly streaming RC-TV broadcast, “Truth Matters.”

Also, we have people traveling all over the world to spread the word about our movement and cultivate more chapters. This takes travel funds. Many of our people are “tentmakers” – raising their own support as they go. This is a biblical calling.

So far, we’ve matched the available grant and challenge by raising $52,050. Remember, there are 260,000 reasons to not let your giving take a summer vacation!

Help us keep our young peoples’ values from continuing to tumble. Today's students are our future professors, teachers, philosophers, scientists, lawyers, judges, theologians, politicians, and doctors. As stated in a report by Merrill Lynch:

Generation Z, will be the world’s largest demographic by the year 2020…” “They grew up with a smartphone in hand, social networks are a way of life, they communicate in real time with messages and emoticons and they have no memory of a once disconnected world.2

It only takes one generation for a society to adopt a whole new way of life and set of standards.

Or, we can help them stand strong by equipping them with answers to the important questions other students are asking. Just for reading this post, you can download the entire mini-book "What if Christianity is True?" free right here and you too can begin sharing why Christianity is true. In addition, every person who donates any amount to Ratio Christi’s exciting, international movement will receive a second free booklet--"True Reason: Confronting the Irrationality of the New Atheism"--as a thank you gift.

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Since today's average college student has no memory of or context for the Gospel--the good news of Christ--the RC chapter members we train have an incredible opportunity to introduce peers and professors to their first memory of the true gospel.

School may be out right now, but RC works full time. Thank you very much for helping. 

1From "Meet Generation Z--Understanding and Reaching the New Post-Christian World" by James Emery White, p. 131, 144.

2As retreived at BBVA, Creating Opportunities, from Merrill Lynch report "New Kids on the Block, Millennials and Centennials Primer." - 7/19/17.