Here's a great letter our Chapter Leaders and Staff received from a good friend of RC's ministry, Lee Strobel, in connection with his movie The Case for Christ coming out on April 7, 2017. But everyone who reads this can use the links and take his message to heart:

"Dear Ratio Christi leader:
I want you to know how excited I am about the ministry of Ratio Christi. I thank God for the influence you’re having on university campuses – bringing truth, clear thinking, and the gospel message to bear with students everywhere. I can’t help but wonder how different my life might have been if I had been exposed to a ministry like yours when I was still in college.

Thankfully God did reach me in his own way and time – and that story is coming out soon in a brand new motion picture called The Case for Christ, in theaters on April 7 (Palm Sunday weekend). I hope you’ll utilize this powerful film to help equip your Christian students, and especially to reach those who don’t yet know Christ.

This movie is part love story, part crime mystery, and part apologetics adventure – including scenes where actors play leading apologists William Lane Craig and Gary Habermas! You can see the trailer at: (I hope you’ll show it to your entire chapter!) Also, here’s a recent video in which I tell a bit of my story, as well as some of my experience during the filming. 

The response to the movie has been amazing. Greg Laurie (Harvest): 'It connects on every level, logically and emotionally. This is a film you can take your non-believing friend to and not cringe. In fact, you may see them come to Christ like my friend Lee Strobel.'

And Rev. Samuel Rodriguez (President, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference) called it, 'The quintessential outreach film of our time!'

I can brag about the movie because I didn’t make it – the credit goes to the Pure Flix team. I’m just excited about the potential it has for helping our ministries reach many people in our communities, especially this Easter season.

For details on how you can maximize this opportunity – including four messages and a four-week small group discussion guide, as well as four clips from the movie you can show to your group – click Case For Christ Movie.Pureflix:EasterOutreach.

'Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders,' Colossians 4:5 challenges us, 'make the most of every opportunity.' I hope you’ll join us in making the most of this opportunity – and help many students reach their own verdict in the case for Christ.

Your Partner for Him,

Lee Strobel"

(author of The Case for Christ book, now updated and expanded)