In 2014, we interviewed Jackson Turner who had just received our Legatus Christi certificate while a member of the RC chapter at the University of Georgia (UGA). The Legatus Christi designation is given to outstanding RC students who have demonstrated strong application of apologetics, and as a challenge to them to continue being ambassadors for Christ. At that time, Jackson told us he saw the value in apologetics and believed strongly that all Christians should learn why they believe what they believe.

“It’s very important if we are to deal with the changing world to be able to explain that Christianity is not foolish or stupid, but is believable and real based on the evidence that we can see and understand,” Jackson said. 
At that time, his Chapter Director Jason Wisdom emphasized how Turner was a great asset to the club. “Jackson was the backbone of Ratio Christi at UGA in the 2013-2014 year…Jackson is unmistakably passionate about defending the faith… He has an apologist’s heart,” Wisdom said. 
We checked back in with Jackson to see how he is impacting lives for Christ today.
RC: When we last spoke with you, you had just received our Legatus Christi certificate and were headed off to law school! What have you been up to recently?
Turner: I just recently graduated from Mercer Law School in Macon, Georgia, took the Georgia bar exam in late July, and now I'm mainly looking for work. I've had several interviews and will have a few more coming up. 

RC: How have you been able to reach others with the Word of God while at school? 

Turner: During my time in law school, I helped run as well as participate in our rather small Christian Legal Society chapter. During my time there the group functioned as a couple of Bible studies with intermittent group meetings and speakers. 
RC: How have you used apologetics in the last couple years to engage both believers and non-believers? 
Turner: The subject of apologetics wasn't a particularly common one at school, but I was always happy to discuss questions with my fellow law students (some Christian and curious, some atheistic) on topics like:
-the origin and trustworthiness of scripture,
-the complementary relationship between faith and science,
-the balance between Christian beliefs and political activism, and
-what points of emphasis deserve more serious consideration in Jesus' teachings (i.e. should we focus so much on his "divinity" or should we talk more about how friendly and nice He was). 
These were more of the topics and questions I encountered while in law school and I enjoyed tackling them as they came up.

RC: Anything else exciting since your Ratio Christi chapter years? 

Turner: I had the chance to meet Ravi Zacharias (internationally known apologist)! Ravi came to speak at a church in Warner Robins, Georgia, in February, 2016 and he was nice enough to sign my copy of his Can Man Live Without God. Meeting him was an awesome experience- it was through his podcast/radio show 'Let My People Think' that I first became acquainted with Christian apologetics and gained a strong love for it (see photos below of Turner in previous years and with Ravi Zacharias).

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