In March 2018, the RC chapter at UNCW hosted an “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist” conference on campus. Frank Turek, the author of the popular book and apologetics study by the same name, was the featured speaker. The turnout to hear Turek, who is also director of, was outstanding. We are delighted to share a report and photos from the event. 

RC at UNCW is a well-established, courageous, and active chapter. Under the leadership of Chapter Director Aaron Marshall and co-director Tom Jaski, students have delved into the deep waters of today’s controversial cultural issues. Many of their activities on campus which draw attention to conservative Christian values have raised eyebrows among those with more progressive viewpoints in the administration, student body, and local media. 

Lexi Forrester and her husband Grant are two alumni of the chapter and are now members of RC’s core UNCW leadership team. Lexi reports:

“Our Apologetics Conference hosting Frank Turek was the first of what will become an annual spring event in Wilmington. We have Sean McDowell coming next March.

"Over 400 people attended our Friday night plenary session which packed the auditorium and filled our overflow room. We had breakout sessions with nine local apologists on Saturday after Frank’s second session. There were two students, one a seeking skeptic, who sat with Frank for an hour after he spoke on Saturday. Frank told us the skeptic student was very close to the truth and had been moved from hardened atheist to interested deist the night before! 

"We had students from RC’s high school and college chapters in Wilmington give their testimony of the power of apologetics in their lives, including a student who came to college as a Hindu but is now very involved in our UNCW chapter and discipleship. This was an exciting time to discuss truth and reason, and the community was incredibly receptive.”

“Based on the feedback, it was an incredible success!” Jaski adds, and then goes on to say:

“Although the attendance numbers are definitely one measure of its success, there is a greater and more significant measure -- the number of lives that were impacted with the truth of Christianity presented by Frank and our breakout speakers. There were Christians who grew stronger and more confident in their faith and non-Christians who were drawn closer to becoming a Christian based on what was taught. 

"These numbers are obviously harder to quantify, but I'm also personally aware of two students who considered themselves atheist or agnostic whom God moved closer to faith as a result of the weekend. One is a professed atheist who just started attending our Ratio club at CFCC. He had only been to one club meeting before we invited him to hear Frank at the conference. As a result, he's admitted that many of his questions about Christianity have been answered, and he still continues to ask great questions as he pursues truth. 

"The second is a high school student who admitted to Frank that he was an agnostic prior to the presentation, questioning whether one can know if God exists. However, after the presentation, he moved to deism, holding that God exists but isn't involved in everyday human affairs. As Lexi said, Frank took time to meet with the student and his friend to answer more of his questions.”

Jaski concludes:

This is the ultimate purpose of apologetics and what we do at Ratio Christi – to demonstrate that Christianity is true and the best explanation of reality, including the sinful human condition and the solution God provided the world in the person of Jesus Christ. Apologetics doesn't "save" anyone, but it does help remove obstacles that may stand between a person and a saving faith in Christ. As one of my Biola professors once said, "Apologetics fills the potholes on the road that leads to the House of Salvation." Jesus saves. He always has been the only One who can and will continue to be the only One.” 

Enjoy a slideshow from the event below! To donate to the continuation of RC’s terrific work at UNCW, click here.