The Ratio Christi chapter at the University of North Carolina - Wilmington (UNCW) is one of our oldest chapters. It continues to produce students who have truly become ambassadors for Christ. Emma Gayle Hilton has proven herself to be such a student. Chapter Director Aaron Marshall explains why he presented her with the Legatus Christi Certificate – RC’s Ambassador Award (see photo of presentation at end of article).

“I wanted to give the Legatus Christi to Emma based on her strengths in giving great arguments for God’s existence and her ability to defend the Christian faith,” Marshall says. “Emma shares the Gospel of Christ with great clarity. She engages non-Christians with love, gentleness, and respect, and excels in demonstrating servant leadership. Emma is academically strong and demonstrates Christ-like character in her daily life.”

(Here are the full guidelines of what is expected for a student to earn Legatus Christi). 

Hilton was vice president of the RC chapter at UNCW in 2014-2015 and served as its president in 2015-2016. She graduated from UNCW in May with a degree in history.

Here’s more insight she shared with us during a recent Q&A interview:

Q: When did you find Christ as your Savior?

I grew up in church and was saved at age six. I had a second awakening experience, I guess you could call it, in high school.

Q: How did you get interested in apologetics, and how did you get involved with RC?

My dad has always been interested in apologetics, which got me interested. I started reading information from Ravi Zacharias and Lee Strobel and asking more questions. I found out about RC at UNCW’s involvement carnival during freshman orientation. I visited several campus ministries, but RC was my favorite, so I kept going to meetings and eventually got involved in leadership.

Q: What is the RC chapter like at UNCW?

The RC chapter at UNCW is the best! Aaron Marshall is a wonderful man and has been such a witness and a support to me. We are a very active chapter, meeting once a week and hosting at least one big event per semester, to which we invite the whole campus.

Q: What did you know about the Legatus Christi certificate before receiving it?

I was at the RC 2015 Symposium in Charlotte this past fall and heard the story behind the award, which makes it even more of an honor.

(The Legatus Christi Certificate was established in the name of student Jordan Slusher from the RC chapter at UNC - Charlotte. Read his story.)

Q: In what ways has apologetics enriched your life, your own faith, and your witness to others?

I enjoy apologetics because it allows me to try and answer other peoples’ questions about God, faith, and religion. Regardless of what the other person walks away thinking, I like to know that I have at least heard their question and know there is a reasonable answer to it. I do not have to be scared to witness to others in fear that they are going to ask me some random question that will shake the foundation of my faith. Apologetics has also helped me grow closer to God and has helped me grow spiritually through my own studies.

Q: How do you think you will carry forth the apologetics you’ve learned into your future endeavors, and make use of its “exponential” component (mentoring others that come behind you in apologetics)?

Aaron explained (the exponential factor) to me when he presented the certificate. I hope my whole life will consist of making disciples of all men. I still love apologetics, and I always love to learn new things.

Q: What are your short and/or long-term career, ministry, and mission plans?

I hope to always serve God wherever I am. I have enjoyed being a part of a college ministry and one day might enjoy leading one myself. I plan to attend UNC Charlotte in the fall to work toward a master’s degree in Public History with a goal to one day be the program director or executive director of a museum.

Emma believes apologetics is important for all children and teens:

We need to be able to understand why we believe what we believe without just saying ‘because the Bible says so.’ Just a basic knowledge of apologetics makes Christians stronger in their faith and in their witness.

Best prayers and wishes to Emma! See how you can contribute to helping us continue our work for the Lord at this fruitful chapter.