Ratio Christi has grown from 12 chapters to over 40 chapters in the last 90 days. For that momentum to continue, we will need to raise another $41,000. One very generous donor has put up a $25,000 matching gift to help us meet this Mission Critical Budget.

What is “Mission Critical”? 

  • We have two full-time and one part-time person who handle development, administration, fundraising, chapter growth, chapter organization, chapter support, communications, and project management. That costs about $3,325 per month (they are way under paid, but they love our mission).
  • Contractors handle web site development, database integration, graphic design, and more. That costs about $800 per month (they actually volunteer most of their time).
  • The rest is cost for legal and accounting fees, supplies, and some telecom and travel expenses.

Please join me in this effort to match this entire gift by June 30th.  We are already 40% of the way there.

Fundraising Ideas