In 2013, the National Day of Prayer Task Force expanded its mission with the launch of the Pray for America (P4A) Bus Tour to mobilize prayer among Americans.

Mostly known for creating the once-per-year Day of Prayer in the month of May, the National Task Force’s P4A Bus Tour has led prayer groups in 43 states and 500 communities, impacting 130,000 people with 9,000 decisions for Christ. The 2015 theme of Praying for Education is a perfect fit for Ratio Christi!

The tour will visit over 50 cities, many of which have schools with RC chapters, and we are now connected with this event.

Today’s American public education has certainly strayed from the first seventeenth century public schools where biblical faith was part of every subject taught in the classroom. Secular thinking in academia not only promotes the rejection of God but places “social consciousness,” “political correctness” and ego-petting above traditional subjects and American patriotism. This has sacrificed Judeo-Christian faith and values and made our children fall behind those of other countries in learning. We have “dumbed down” two entire generations. 

The Task Force lists Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Rutgers, and Dartmouth as all being established by Christian clergymen to train young people for leadership in both government and church. Now most of these schools are over-wrought with liberalism and against all things Christian.

Ratio Christi is joining the Pray4America Bus Tour in prayer for our nation's teachers, professors, administrators, students, and to undergird every other campus ministry so the body of Christ works together on campus. Please follow us in asking the Lord to raise up a new generation of dedicated educators, administrators, university presidents, and school board members who will commit themselves to honest, accurate presentation of all subject matter and serve as positive role models.

“Get on board” by meeting the bus at your city’s stop and finding out how you can help spread the word about RC. Right now, go to the P4A website to see what cities they will be in. Then, watch for more details coming to the RC website in September. If you know Christians whose alma mater we are visiting, get them to support these efforts. You can also help fund our endeavor to have Ratio Christi represented on every campus. This is not only a great opportunity to work with other campus ministries, demonstrating our "complementary, not competitive" model, to hear the needs of students and pray with them, but it is a great way to garner interest in more chapters on campuses.