Help Us Keep a Christian Voice on Campus

by Sheryl Young, Media Outreach Coordinator

(If you are not familiar with Ratio Christi, please see "About Us" first or watch the Introductory Video on our home page.)

"Ratio Christi is what brought me back to faith in college. My junior and senior years of high school were filled with lots of doubt about my faith and with questions that I couldn't find sufficient answers to. It was finding Ratio Christi at orientation that was a turning point in my belief. And if it wasn't for RC, I would probably be an atheistic naturalist."

Matthew, a student at University of Alabama Huntsville. 

You may know ​that times are tough for Christians in the education system. Students, teachers and professors alike are experiencing an uphill battle in keeping a Christian voice on campus. Secularists, atheists and people with all sorts of worldviews criticize Christianity as having "no logic or reason." You and I know that's not true.    

What is my job as a Media Outreach Coordinator?

That’s the person who contacts journalists, reporters, and talk show hosts about our ministry so that our representatives can be interviewed, our events can get coverage, and students like Matthew can be heard in public.

Here are a few examples of great exposure we’ve received in 2017 (this section is periodically updated with new coverage):

• In October 2017, Ratio Christi's high school leader (RC College Prep) and church pastor Michael C. Sherrard was interviewed by writer/author Billy Hallowell of about the state of free speech on school campuses, the Christian faith, and feelings about God among college and high school students today. Sherrard feels that many "Millennials" are completely lost on any knowledge of God or why to trust Christianity. The interview was entitled "Completely Lost," and once published, many media outlets tooks an interest in this, eventually leading to Sherrard being asked to appear on FOX News' Fox & Friends Weekend (click the link to view the video clip). The end result was six interviews in various outlets for our Mike Sherrard!

• In June 2017, our president Dr. Corey Miller was interviewed on "A Clear Lens" Theology, Worldview, and Apologetics streaming broadcast to bring Ratio Christi to a new audience and discuss how we are on "The Frontlines" of campus life. "A Clear Lens" is a vital ministry that covers interviews, news and podcasts about culture, theology and issues affecting the Christian worldview.

See more recent occurrences of Ratio Christi representatives' interviews and appearances on our Media Coverage page.

But, what does it take to get media exposure like this?

We need more coverage like this. But most often, it takes months of cold-calling, a great deal of time and effort to find the right media outlets with hosts or editors who will get excited about highlighting Ratio Christi’s ministry, news, and events – whether happening nationally or at an individual campus chapter.

As you can imagine, there are thousands of ministries and missions competing for the attention of radio and TV personalities and space in online and print publications.

To top it off, there are world events relating to the Bible and religion in general which are competing for media exposure. Even within the Christian news industry, media representatives know how vast the competition is for their attention. Additionally, online networking on worldwide social media requires a monumental amount of time.

That’s where you come in!

You can help me reach today’s multiple media outlets in many ways: Providing your Treasures, Time, Talent, and Prayers:

1. Providing Your Treasures:

    Ratio Christi is not affiliated with any denomination or other ministry that provides funding for us. We operate on the generosity of good stewards like you who become ministry partners through financial giving.

    From time-to time we are asked to pay for advertising or interview exposure. We only do this with great prayer and careful discernment about the benefit to both RC and the media outlet.

    Funds are also needed for my travels as Media Outreach Coordinator. There are several important yearly trips on behalf of Ratio Christi. For example: Thanks in part to private donors, we were able to host a display at the 2017 National Religious Broadcasters Convention. This is a major gathering of Christian media broadcasters, editors, reporters, and other ministries with whom we gathered possible opportunities to partner. It is indeed how we finally connected with Janet Parshall and personally, although we had previously tried many contact avenues. But trips like this are expensive, including the cost of exhibition space, materials for exhibits, travel and housing for our team.

Here are some easy ways you can help our media outreach with your sacrificial giving:

• Monthly donations—This is most helpful because it allows us to operate on a steady flow of income and know how to plan for expenses. You can contribute to RC’s media outreach at my approved media donation page. Or mail to the following address with a letter or note that you will be giving monthly: Ratio Christi, P.O. Box 9, Indian Trail, NC 28079 (In the check memo line write: #400012 Sheryl Young). 

• One time/special gifts—always appreciated and accepted; use one of the same channels listed above.

• Text to give or do mobile giving - Donate any amount from your smart phone!

- Text “RCSYoung” to 71777 (no spaces in RCSYoung.)

- A link will be texted back to your phone to finalize a secure donation via credit card.

- Select "Make a Donation" button. You can donate "Monthly" if desired.

• One More Option: To assist me in fundraising you can set up your own "peer to peer” website by selecting "Become a Fundraiser" from the home screen. Or "Share" via Facebook, Twitter, text, or email.

2. Providing Your Time and Talent:

-Do you have social networking savvy, marketing, editing, writing, or proofreading experience – and 5 to 10 hours per week?

-Are you are a scrapbooker who already loves collecting, cataloging, and posting photos?

-Do you love helping to promote Christian causes by word-of-mouth or sharing on websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram?

-Are you listening to media outlets and people in your spheres of influence who are talking about our culture's influence on young people?

    Then you can join me as a volunteer on RC’s Communications Team to help expand our movement! Contact me at the email address below.    

    If you are retired and looking for a way to get REFIRED for Christ and be useful in a parachurch ministry, here's a special link for you!

3. Providing Your Prayers:

Please pray for Ratio Christi's training and outreach to students and educators to continue honoring Christ and be granted God's favor in functioning and expanding. Pray for wisdom, courage, discernment, respect, boldness, gentleness, and empowerment of the Holy Spirit for us to be effective ambassadors of Christ. Pray for churches and students' families to be involved. Pray for us to have the funds we need nationally, internationally, and per chapter.

4. We now do a Monthly Media Report, telling about the media coverage we've recently received -- or coverage we are seeking in the near future. Sign up for the Monthly Media Report that will link to exciting media news and interviews with Ratio Christi representatives.

Praying all the best for you,

Sheryl Young
Ratio Christi Media Outreach Coordinator
Contact me at, and see my spiritual journey and Bio here!