In Late October and early November 2017, RC's Director of College Prep Michael C. Sherrard did a series of written, video and audio interviews on the topic of Millennials - the generation of 15-to-30-year olds, and why they're losing faith in Christianity and they have no knowledge of God. He calls listeners and readers to be aware that discipleship of this generation (born between 1987 and 2002) has been shallow to non-existent, and what can be done to improve the numbers of young people who will walk with Christ.

Below these paragraphs you can listen to a good example of those interviews - this one was broadcast on the Pilgrim Radio Network with host Bill Feltner (made available to us through the mp3 included here) and streamed on the internet several times. Click at the red arrow.

Other interviews with Sherrard on this topic are at the following links with writer/author Billy Hallowell for The and in both podcast and written article form, and Assistant Editor Tyler O'Neil on PJ Media in a print interview about modern-day Reformation. Sherrard, who is also senior pastor at Crosspoint Community Church in Peachtree, Georgia, was additionally invited to appear on Fox News TV's Fox & Friends to discuss the same topic. Despite the falling away from Christ, this topic drummed up alot of interest.

(Sherrard will be moving into more of a consulting role with College Prep in 2018, with Lee Koz moving into the position of director. We thank both men and all the interviewers mentioned above for their interest in Ratio Christi's mission and vision).